My Almost Minimalist Closet Just Got More Minimal

Remember me writing about my sort-of minimalist closet challenge? Well, my already quite small wardrobe has just gotten a bit smaller. I’ve been working on categorizing what I do have, so I can show you everything. But today, I lost my jeans. 1 pair of skinny jeans I have that I live in, and now they are shredded beyond repair. *Sniff sniff

Here’s what happened: I failed at sitting. Yup, SITTING. I was running – literally – to catch a bus. I hopped on and found a seat and plopped down with my bag. Unfortunately, I kind of missed the seat a bit and sat right on a super sharp metal piece of some long forgotten seatbelt. Auts! And then I felt it. Air. I was like, ohhhhhh fuck no. What do I do now?

I had torn out the entire area from my inner thigh to mid lower buttocks. Now what do I do? A bus trip and then into an appointment. I asked for tape. Driver thought I was an idiot. Thankfully, when I got to my appointment, the receptionist gave me a massive roll of tape and sent me to the WC to mend my pants at least well enough for them to hold together. I was also fortunate that one of the ladies there – who was definitely a mom (Judging by the fact that she was very considered, wouldn’t take no for answer & patched me up) – insisted she take a look at it to make sure I wasn’t bleeding.  I must admit, before today, I have never started off a morning by dropping trou in a ladies office. Could the awkward possibly go any more in that direction?!?

So, I spent the entire day walking around with my jeans taped up, looking like a vagrant. I have no pride though, so I also went to lunch that way. You should have seen the looks! Haha.

Despite my irrational feelings of thinking it was actually possible to die of embarrassment, by the time I got back home without showing any crucial bits to the world (ok, well, except to that very nice lady), what happened seemed like the funniest thing that’d happened in quite awhile. The jeans are gone, beyond repair. And I didn’t have the time or mood to go out jeans shopping and spend the 100’s of hours looking for something in 100% natural fibre. So, I am a very necessary basic short now.

That’s my story. Do you have any ripped pants stories? I know you do!