Pandemic Minimalism

I am making a new phrase… ‘Pandemic Minimalism’. (Or at least I think I am!)

Speaking seriously though, it is time to redefine the context of the term ‘minimalism’. When one considers the term ‘minimalism’ usually the image that comes to mind is that of space living areas with only a few pieces of basic formed furniture, or a specific number of clothing items one is allowed to have (by the rules, you know) and the methodology of giving away all ones’ belongings until there is nothing but what is necessary for daily living + maybe 3 books on the shelf for those sentimental moments.

The mental image of ‘minimalism’

After watching endless amounts of people compete with each other to see who can live with less, perhaps it’s a good time to move into a more realistic form of the minimalistic lifestyle. In my mind, the just mentioned aesthetic is no longer practical for the lifestyle we are living this year.

How does the pandemic have anything to do with minimalism?

It’s simple: We want clean space for living and our spaces / items need to be appropriate for the life we are living now.

What my meaning is that well, take economics as an example… Globally, we find ourselves in a situation where we can no longer spend irresponsibly. Those lunch breaks from the office or time spent waiting for the train while walking through the shops is no longer an option, which has probably made a noticeable difference in spending habits because the urge to purchase the item when it is in one’s grasp is much greater than when it is not. Due to this separation and the need to be more careful with our monies, we have an opportunity to make more thoughtful purchases and to be happier with the purchases we do make.

What makes ‘pandemic minimalism’ different from ‘minimalism’?

Answer: Maximalism. It’s weird, no? But still, it is logical. Lush fabrics, beautiful and comfortable clothing /items and luxurious living spaces can be (& really should be if you are living in anything other than your own large estate) minimal.

This is more the image I have in my mind 🙂

As we are spending so much time in our spaces, it seems just logical to me that we would want them to be comfortable, welcoming and perhaps even luxurious. And as guests in the home are a luxury of the past, why not take the opportunity to make your space all about you?

In regards to clothing, at the current time, purchasing new party clothes is not so necessary nor is it needed to have a new different suit for the workplace every day of the week. By eliminating these purchases and focusing more on what feels good and is appropriate for life now, such as jeans and a nice sweater or a work blouse and trousers for online meetings, we are able to easily reduce our additional spending and the percentage of wardrobe space of these items.

Did you just invent this name?

Yes. Yes I did. However, it is a real concept. Also, I should really stop writing to myself in multiple person format.

How does one do pandemic minimalism?

Remember this statement: Use what you’ve got, replace what you need. This applies to all things from eyeshadow to furniture. Clothes wear out, items are used away and furniture reaches a point of no longer functioning for the need or aesthetic. While using your items, save some money towards your next purchase. A small jar for coins or cash is always a good way to save for a much appreciated new addition to the home. During that time, research, research, research! Look for the items you like the appearance of. Discover the fabrics and patterns that make you smile. Bookmark the designers websites or small shops which carry those high quality crafted items so that you can revisit it when you are ready. And, most probably, by the time you have saved the money to purchase the item, the item(s) you are replacing will be ready for retiring.

Purchasing high quality and well crafted items may have a heavier price, but the quality will last so much longer and look beautiful while doing so. And remember, that as you are purchasing less, one luxury purchase will be preferred to 100 small unnecessary purchases, and this is how minimalism is achieved.

Break the perceived rules of ‘minimalism’ and make your items work for you.

Does the idea of Pandemic Minimalism appeal to you?


Leather From….Fish? Sustainable Business Feature on Atlantic Leather

Hello all 🙂

I have an interesting post for you today and I hope you enjoy reading about this as much as I have enjoyed learning about it!

Located in the beautiful town of Saudárkrókur, Iceland, Atlantic Leather seems to be a bit of a hidden gem.

Atlantic Leather Iceland.jpg

When I discovered that Atlantic Leather was making leather from fish skins, for a consumer market, it got my attention. To be quite honest, I was not expecting this to be on the scale that it actually is. I was incorrect. There are some amazing things happening in Iceland.

Making leather from fish skins. It’s one of those things that makes you pause, for just a moment, when one first hears of it. And then comes the Eureka moment. When you realize how very logical it is, but somehow amazing that it’s happening – at the same time. At least, that was my reaction.

Atlantic Leather uses four types of fish skins for their leather production: Salmon, Cod, Wolf fish and Perch. I was quite curious as to why these types of fish skins were selected. Was it their larger size? Were the skins thick enough to maintain their durability throughout the tanning process? Was there a magical equation? No. I was informed that it was availability of raw materials. Atlantic Leather only uses the fish skins as a by-product of the food industry. Basically, they are making beautiful leathers by using our food rubbish. I have never actually considered how much waste of items like fish skin, or vegetable cuttings are left

behind by the food that we purchase. Think of how much disposal space is being saved by utilizing these skins and transforming them into items of beauty!

The entire tanning process takes a total of 3-4 weeks time.

fish leather

I was fortunate to be able to communicate with a friendly representative from Atlantic Leather to gain more information about this new leather, as well as a brief Q & A session.

Q – What made Atlantic leather want to try making fish skins into craftable leather?

A – In the beginning we only tanned sheepskin, but when the market took a huge dive we explored other options.

Q – How does fish leather compare with more traditional leathers, such as cow or sheep leather?

A – Fish leather is so much more stronger then lamb and cow and that is mostly because of fibers in the fish leather.

Q – Atlantic Leather has succeeded in setting itself apart from the competition by not only being the only tannery in the world to make wolffish leather, but also as the only producer of washable salmon leather. A feat, to be sure! Can you tell us, are there any new innovations in the pipeline?

A – We are always working on something new and always trying to find ways to be even more sustainable, also we are working on a project in the horizon 2020 EU with other country’s and that will be very exiting.

Q – How does washable salmon leather happen? How is it washed/cared for?

A – There is a special tanning method which we came up with, it can be washed in a machine to 30 C.

Q – Why would you recommend people to use fish leather?

A – Mostly because its a byproduct and a sustainable solution and off course the quality

Q – What is the most popular type / colour used?

A – Black salmon is always the top seller.

Q – I love that Atlantic leather only uses fish skins as a by product of the food industry and that no animals are slaughtered strictly for their skins. I wish that more leather companies would do this. How would you encourage this action to take place more often in your industry?

A – Social responsibility !

Q – Your website also states that the ‘production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy’. Is there a simple way to explain this statement? It sounds very cool!

A – Here in Iceland we have plenty of hot and cold water so the heating of the tannery and the house are all in the hands of mother nature. These are renewable resources and also our electricity comes from this hot water.

Q – If someone wished to purchase these fish leathers from you, how does the international purchasing process work? Or is Atlantic Leather a strictly B2B company?

A – It is no problem to buy, we sell to everybody, but there is an order minimum for the production, we do though have a small visitor center where we offer single skins for sale and guided tours through the factory.

Q – I have heard that some high-end designers are beginning to use fish leather in their products. Can you drop any names?

A – The high fashion industry is one of our biggest market, and there is a wakening in the fashion world for more sustainable solutions but we don’t kiss and tell 😉

I can tell from the ones that have used it, Nike – Jimmy Choo – Fendi – Ecco – Kenzo – Prada….

*Wow! Those are reputable designers known for using amazing materials! I really want to see the items that this fish leather is making. Atlantic Leather was friendly enough to include a statement of their sustainable business practices. I am including here, below. Please read through it. I have learned much that I did not know about tanning processes and how they work within sustainability goals at Atlantic Leather.

Atlantic leathers sustainability statement:

‘We are really fortune living in Iceland since we have plenty of hot water in our ground from geothermal sources-renewable resource, also our electricity all comes from a hydroelectric power station. So you can see that our production really relies on our nature, that is also why we have waste water treatment that takes away the chemicals that we don‘t want to have in the nature, and then it is disposed in a correct way.

Atlantic Leather has the goal to keep the natural characteristic of the skins in first place as well making all the skins in environmental friendly way chrome free tanning and using the natural sources of hot spring water and hydroelectric power for our production. The tannery is very close to the source of the raw material so transport will be as light as possible to limit the carbon footprint of the production and distribution to minimal.

The production

‘We have from the beginning had the goal to use not hazardous chemicals in the production and all development have been worked from that point.

We use soap, the soap has similar ingredients as dish washing liquid, we use lime to remove the scales with crucial help of enzymes, and tanning is play of PH and to control that we use baking soda and formic acid in the tanning. In the process we have to remove all natural fat from the skin, but to have soft leather we need fat. So the natural one is replaced with special fat created from vegetables oil and fish oil. For the tanning (conservation for the collagen) we use chrome as basic supported by aluminium and synthetic tanning agents. Chrome is available in several forms (chrome 6 is the poison one with bad reputation) we use chrome 3 that is not dangerous in that form, in the tanning it’s possible that the chrome changes into other forms of chrome. Tests have shown that it doesn’t happen in our process. We also offers other tanning methods where we use tree bark to make the tanning, we use Mimosa tree bark (other type can be used). When it comes to dyeing the skins, we always use AZO free dyes. For the finishing we use water-based acrylic and urethane-based compounds (similar to the paint we use in our homes).

All tests have shown that we are well under the chemical regulation of European Union as well we treat our waste water before it goes out to from the factory with very simple technique that calls for very small investment to install.

We have lot of projects going on in development, one is chrome free tanning (due to the bad reputation of chrome the market is calling for it) and many other projects that is asked for or will be called for in the future.´

*I am excited to watch this company and will like to see their good projects make positive change in the industry.

It has been a pleasure writing this post and I would like to thank Atlantic Leather for all of their cooperation in writing this. I thank everyone for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed learning about this innovation in leather tanning as much as I have! If you are interested in viewing more photos of their creations, please visit their website, instagram or Facebook pages!

It’s so interesting!



Sustainable Feature: Stella Soomlais Studio

I am so excited to share this post today. As many of you know, I spend a lot of time researching my topics. One of which is sustainability in the fashion industry. Sometimes, I manage to find a business that is doing some really cool things! When that happens, I always do my best to make contact and get the info so that I can share it with my awesome readers.  This is not a sponsored post. This is a feature post created because I found a company that is doing great things and I wanted to share it with you.

Not surprisingly, most of the businesses that are making change and doing good things, are small businesses. Those of you who have been long-time readers already know what I am about to say. As much as it may seem like corporations and marketers dictate to consumers what we would like to purchase, the truth of it is that we, the consumer, hold all of the decision making power. We hold the power of purchase.  A belief that I hold close to my heart is that of supporting small businesses.  Especially small businesses that given the chance, could become fore-runners in their field, like Estonia-based  Stella Soomlais studio, the business I have chosen to feature here today. I understand that these are big statements that I am making. But this is why I want to feature these efforts. Because all too often, we are not even aware of these businesses, the strides that they are making in sustainability and the options that are out there. Not only is Stella Soomlais a sustainable company, but all of their items are made-to-order in their studio, and they believe in pricing transparency!


If you look closely at this, you will see that their profit percentage is actually less than their tax percentage.  I cannot complain about the pricing of a good when it is explained to me like this. Respect!

I have been very fortunate, in that I was able to speak directly to Stella about her company. She has been very generous with her time and information. I must admit that I have learned so much in the process of writing this feature and for that, I am very grateful!

This interview with Stella was one of the best interviews I’ve had in my several years of blogging.  She is just the type of person you want to be friends with. She is very friendly, confident in her ability, has a solid vision and answered every one of my questions as honestly and thoroughly as was just possible.  It was the type of conversation you leave feeling excited about. It was quite refreshing to speak to someone in this industry who is on the same page as myself. Stella loves natural materials such as wools, leather, etc. She appreciates the touch and feel of them, as well as the fact that these materials gain character as they age.

Why Leather crafting?  Stella studied leather design in University. While she was studying, she realized the sustainability issues. During her masters degree and the practical work, she learned more about the economics and environmental side of things. She understands how good of a material leather is and it is plentiful because as she says ‘As long as people eat meat, there will always be leather.’ (I love this quote because it simplifies the issue, as well as confirming that the leather used is a by-product of the meat industry and is not, as many people assume, the product for which any animal is killed.) The sustainability factor goes even further than making use of by-products, but also because leather is biodegradable so it goes back into the natural cycle. She says that ‘In a way, using leather is this circular economy’.

‘Consumers seem to want very shiny, non-marked leather that looks the same in 2 years as it did when they bought it. And what people don’t understand is that it is no longer biodegradable. The base is, but the cover is coated in a plastic-like material, so it isn’t. But of course, when you don’t know the differences in the leathers, how the leather is made, then you don’t know how to select the leather. That’s why she uses natural finish leathers. And that’s why one of her communication challenges is that when there are scars, its ok. Every leather is different. Leather changes in time and it’s cool.’


There is much discussion about animals being harmful for nature…the tanning process itself being harmful for nature. Which is true. But at the same time, it’s also important to compare the lifecycles of other items.  How long you can use the textiles, and how harmful those are to dispose of? This is actually something they are researching to understand the parallels between them.  This has its own challenges, as she uses water consumption as an example. I have myself never considered the after effects with water.  But she raises a good point in regards to water consumption. Water consumption is usually measured throughout the manufacturing process, but stops once the item is sold. One measure we do not take into account is the amount of water used in washing. Textile bags are usually washed quite often which uses a lot of water. And leather, well its leather, I have never washed a leather bag. So it’s not a black and white issue.  There are many unanswered questions in this regard. Stella continues to learn about sustainability by reading endless amounts of research and attending workshops. Varying and conflicting information makes this continuous research challenging.

Can you describe your creative process? Stella describes her creative process as ‘…an assignment in mathematics’.  She takes into account the function that people say they need, then the topography of the leather. The shape of leather is always unique so you can never truly tell what kind of material you will get from the producer. So there is a lot of taking account the shape, in what direction the leather stretches, how many bags you can get out of 1 leather, etc. All those things must be taken into account when you produce while designing. Her production is in-house so that means that she also must consider the level of the crafters. One crafter may not be able to produce the same as another. When the new crafters are learning and creating new bags, there is a risk of faulty items and she must reduce that risk with design. So these are things that must be included into the calculation of the designs. An important factor to take into consideration is to make the items with the possibility of repair. As expensive and long lasting items, Stella feels that she has a responsibility to make it possible to repair the items.  Many of the details wear out quicker than the bag. So, the zipper, handles and metal details need to be made in a way that they can be replaced. Also, in the design, she needs to consider how many items she can make from the leather and how to minimize as much as possible any material left-overs. For example, the blueprint can me made that if a large cut needs to made for an item then the smaller space remaining can be used for a key ring or something in order to avoid material waste.

Once all of these calculations have been made, the design begins to make itself clear. The size comes from the function. Then you need to consider the technology needed to make it and add the details – in a way that they can be repaired, and then finally you go over all the details again to make some changes like creating a better shape. Then you see ‘how does it look?’ and that’s the design. Usually when you add all these things, the look is already there.

She has the vision in her head alone and then she takes the details and works together with her assistants to make the prototypes. Then it is ready. But the design doesn’t end there, she says. Because they offer the aftercare for free within 1 year (after that it has a small fee), they get many bags back for the spa aftercare treatment and with that they can see clearly how people actually use the bags. They can see if they need to change some bits or make it easier to repair. They also get feedback from some clients. So actually, the bag is never ready. The habits of the customers change also so even their most popular bags they have done them in the 100’s, but they are still improving them. The workload is tons. It’s a constantly evolving process.

undercover lover.jpg

Do your designs lean toward trend or classic?: Classic. Classic and function that is in balance with the circular economy and aesthetics. Function speaks to her more than anything else. Amazing because her designs are so beautiful. Take the  Go to the library backpack which has a clean look.

go to the library.jpg

People love the clean look. Which is possible due to the decision that nothing else is added there. Which would be more functional, but not the clean aesthetics and not possible to re-use the material. As a creator, she will not look at trends or the works of her colleagues in order to make sure that she is not even subconsciously influenced. She understands that we are so influenced on the daily by just seeing other people that she does not want to influence herself or her designs even further by following the other options available. I admire this and think I will borrow her theory in my own daily life.

What has been your biggest challenge?: ‘It has been difficult to achieve the things that we have achieved. Like running a marathon. You succeed in this area when you are durable and resistant because there are many daily challenges. In time, you learn not to take them so emotionally anymore which makes it easier to work towards your goals. And when you have the goals, and when you are working slowly towards that, then you achieve it.’  When she was applying at University, she had to write about her dream goals. Stella has not only achieved those goals, but surpassed them! Stella describes herself as a person who is never satisfied. She continually sets news goals for herself once she has achieved her former goals.  Hilariously, she realizes how annoying this habit can be for those around her. As an obstacle, she wants everything to be the best, now. She gets quickly excited about new ideas. Stella’s biggest obstacle seems to be that she makes so many plans for herself that she loses focus.

Zero waste goal: The technology is there for Stella to reach her goal to create zero material waste. She explained several of the options to me such as; adding adhesive to scraps and make it into new material to strengthen soft leather. This would require shipping the small amount of scraps to Slovakia. The shipping would make this a less sustainable option. Not to mention, the current adhesive used is not 100% natural. Option 2 would be to sell the scraps back to leather production to add to the tannery. Due to the varying chemical processes, it’s difficult if the leathers are not all with the same original tanning process. Another option is to go in with a local start-up to make a new material. This has already been tested, but the material is not proving durable at this time. So this requires continuing testing.

Currently, Stella Soomlais is sending their scraps to hobby classes so that children can use them. Many cool things have come out of there, she says. She does admit that some material waste does go in the bin, regardless of how hard they are working to prevent this. Fortunately, it is biodegradable.

Colour: I really wanted to know if there was a difference when working with or caring for coloured leather goods. I have an infatuation with their green leather items (I am happy to discover that Stella really likes the green leather also, as it ages beautifully) and was curious why it is rare to see green leather goods. Does it scar easily? Is it difficult to care for? Apparently, there is nothing different with it. Maybe it just has not been trendy. Maybe the big brands statistics show that it is not enough interest to put the money into the green leather items.

Stella told me that green is a well-loved colour among her clientele. It is vegetable tanned leather and vegetable tanned leather ages quite nicely so that it goes darker.  When they were testing their designs in Japan this past year, there was also the feedback from the people there that the vivid colours like the red and green were well liked. You should check out the Stella Soomlais IG feed if you have the time. Some of the custom order colour combinations are unbelievably gorgeous!


This bag is already on my wish-list! I am loving their greens, and they have wine red and lemon yellowwhich are gorgeous!

capital of plenty.jpg


Leather care:  There are many things that customer can do to care for their leather items. Because Stella Soomlais offers after care service, they can see if customer has been really nice to the bag, because the bag looks really nice. Also when the bag has been thrown around or overstuffed and hasn’t had any cream, they can see that too. Example, when the bag is so stuffed that the zipper doesn’t easily close, in the long term that is a problem because it will eventually break the zipper. Also, leather is a bit stretchy, when you use items that have a very direct shape. So, if every day you have many books there, eventually the bag will start to take on a book shape. When putting things in the bag, there are some little tricks that you can do. For example the bookbag, when you pack your bag, consider the corners which need stuff also so that the shape will last longer. If it gets wet in the rain, do not dry it near heat. Vegetable tanned leather does not like water and heat so when you get water and heat together, it goes bad.  Marks from water drops will go away eventually.  Natural vegetable tanned leather also wants cream from time to time. The experts suggest you use it monthly, some say 2 times per annum. So lets say every few months you add cream and when you do add cream, then it’s good to have a little damp cloth to wipe the dust and dirt away before applying the cream, otherwise there is grit between the cream and the leather. Not all creams are good for all leathers. She recommends only natural creams. There’s really only one 100% natural cream in the world. But natural ones. Because many creams have this colour effect and water repellent which adds this coating which doesn’t really help the leather and some of them can dry the leather. Also the sprays – never put the spray directly on the leather without putting this natural cream with it, as the spray also dries the leather. If it’s stained, it’s always good to have a leather cleaning specialist that can help. Take it in as quickly as possible if it is stained. Some stains unfortunately don’t come out. In that case, with their bags it is then possible to add a pocket there or something in worst case scenario. In some cases they have done so that the bag was really clean and then there was something like a paint spot. They couldn’t get it out so then we put a pocket there and it looked really cool. But that’s not something that’s done as a first option. Its like the 2ndstage of one bag that you can put those things and then prolong the life. Never put the leather in wash machine. Certain leather types might survive it, but if you aren’t a specialist, then don’t experiment.


If you have a vegetable tanned belt that gets a wine spot on it or something, do not use very hot water for cleaning it.  When  the leather comes in contact with water hotter than 70C then the leather shrinks.

leather belt stella soomlais.jpg

Beeswax is always good for leather. Almost always, but not for oil tanned leather. (So be sure to find out if your leather item is oil or vegetable tanned) When you put beeswax on oil tanned leather, the oil kind of pushes it away so it would be the same affect as if you put candle wax on it. You can get it out by putting it to refrigerator when it gets cold and then wipe it away. But it is not the same effect as when you use beeswax on vegetable tanned leather.

Renting bags to try before purchase. Has it increased sales?  They introduced this possibility when they launched the service. Stella says this is quite popular because it really helps to understand whether the function is the right thing. ‘Even if customers don’t use the rental service, they can still see that we are trying to understand whether the product is right for them. We would rather be sure if this is something that they really want. And its also with sustainability, an issue to buy one item in a longer period of time but buy something that you really love and then you also take better care of it and are more satisfied with it.’ That’s their logic behind it.  This idea originated with her Masters thesis where she wanted to launch a service that would be more like a subscription service where they would offer the bags, and then the customer could rent them and choose colours, and every 3 months a different bag would come. And then when the bag is in not good shape, that’s when they give it the 2ndlife. Clean it, cream it and make it into other products. The market was not ready for that at the time. But they will be doing a new testing for this again in 2020.

Why should people shop Stella Soomlais? ‘We are not going to disappear after the purchase. We offer the aftercare and will be there to support with care and advice. Of course, the initial decision comes with do you like the bag or not? If you do not like the design, then all our other efforts are not important. You should choose us because we do our best to work in a sustainable way. We really try to dig deep into supply chain and to rethink all those design decisions along the way when it comes to our production. And all of the circular economy possibilities. Old habits can be changed and we try to offer an alternative. ‘  This quote is a great way to wrap up this informative interview! I have to add to this that their worldwide shipping rates are incredibly reasonable. Yay! Throughout the process of learning about Stella Soomlais studio, they have gained me as a loyal customer. This is my first purchase and I cannot wait to receive it!

envelope bag in use stella soomlais.jpg

This is my purchase, in green (of course!).  I think using them as a gift bag that can be used afterwards as a clutch, is a brilliant idea! As for my order however, the bag (Made by Stella’s own hands!) is the goody so I will be clutching-it from the time I open my post package!

Also, just for those who are interested but worry about shipping, Stella’s  EU and International shipping rates are beyond reasonable. (4-8 Euro!) Better rates than even domestic postage is sometimes. Really!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you learned as much as I did!


When Does Comfort Wear Turn Into Frump?

Comfort wear; We love it, we need it and sometimes – we live in it. But when does it become a bit too much…frump?

I’ve been binge watching ‘What Not To Wear’ and it seems that the one thing everyone has in common is that comfort wear turns into everything wear. It is very easy for this to happen, and I can easily see how. I love my comfortable clothing at home. But even then, I feel guilty for not looking my best for my husband. Isn’t that the most important person to look amazing for?!

Remember this?


Now, before you riot, I am not requesting that anyone take themselves back to this. What I am wondering though is how did we go from this – making an effort with our appearance just because we woke up in the morning – to paint covered college pants that should have been discarded long ago? You may not be guilty of this. If it’s so, you are a better person than I.

With the relatively recent appearance of athleisure, the line has blurred even further. Now it seems that college-type pants/shirts are in fashion to wear everywhere. (Even with something looking remarkably similar to a sports bra as a top?!?) Perhaps I am showing my age, but I just cannot make myself wear it out of the house unless I’m in a gym.

I know that there is a line somewhere with this and that somehow we’ve just allowed ourselves to get so comfortable being comfortable that some people seem to no longer be bothered by their own frump (yours truly, included) until someone reminds us of it and then we are mortified. I mean, has this habit of frump become so commonplace that it’s now a happening that to look well put together makes one stand out? I can tell you that I feel that way sometimes. I love feeling that I look good. That you can see that I put thought into my appearance before going out in the world. But as fashions get more casual, I feel … out of place when I am in a dress and heels. That is such a strange feeling. To feel at least somewhat confident in my outfit, but then to be overwhelmed with self-consciousness about it at the same time. However, when I just throw on something comfortable that fits and keeps me warm and don’t think much else about it, I don’t feel confident in that either. (I do feel cozy though!) *That just went a bit off topic*

I was talking about frump. I don’t know, maybe it’s me. You see, I don’t really have a grey area with fashion. I either look like I put in some effort, or I look like I slept in my clothes. So maybe that’s why this is nagging at me so much. Some miraculous people can look perfectly coifed in comfort clothes. Me? Not so much.

I don’t know where you are on this spectrum, but for me, it has gotten my attention. After this post, at least I myself will be making more of an effort at home (as that is where I have gotten too comfortable being a slob) to look nice for the person who I truly want to impress. I mean, why should he get the mess when the rest of the world sees my best (or at least my ‘It’ll do’)? It just doesn’t seem logical, does it.

I do love being comfortable though.  Hmmm… What about you?


Window Shopping Day

What do you do when you’re feeling blah? Well, window shop, of course!

I am not feeling so pretty or sexy today. It’s cold out and I’m wearing so many layers that I look like a marshmallow. I am dreaming of clothes that make me feel….feminine. With heels of course! So I hit the net in search of all the things I would purchase for myself to uplift my mood. Because let’s face it, days are just much better when you feel…pretty 🙂

Since I am currently unable to indulge in the January sales, the only way I am able to ‘purchase’ pretty things and show them off …. is here. This gives a whole new meaning to living vicariously through the internet.

So here is my virtual outfit for the day (please excuse the formatting, I am always learning…):
Tribal-Inspired Beaded Necklace

Thompson Tote - Darby Scott


Thanks for reading!


*Post contains affiliate links. That only means that if you decide to browse or purchase items, I may make a small commission at no additional charge to you.

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Sustainable Clothing Spotlight: Love Justly

I am really excited to publish a feature sustainable company spotlight on Love Justly! As you well know, if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, I am a firm believer in voting with our wallets. By that I mean, that by each of us making conscientious purchasing decisions, we do hold the power to create change. We are, after all, the driving force in consumerism/consumption. If our purchasing decisions were not at all important, companies would not spend such insane amounts of money trying to make us believe we need their items. The mantra ‘purchase better, purchase less’ is something I truly believe in. If we begin a paradigm shift with this mantra in mind, the fashion industry will follow. This is why I have chosen Love Justly to write a feature on. Their items are beautiful, fashion-forward, ethically sourced and made to last! In my mind, that checks every box I need in order to make a positive, guilt-free purchasing decision. I know that many of my awesome friends and readers feel the same way, and so I am happy to share a great place to bookmark and revisit again and again. 🙂

I did have a few questions:

Q- The fashion industry is severely competitive and there seems to be a lingering mistrust of good-hearted ethical companies due to the ‘green-washing’ phenom. What made you want to go into the sustainable fashion business?

A- I started Love Justly because I always wanted a place where I could go and get a good deal, but know that people on the other end of that product didn’t suffer. Often items are less expensive because people are paid poorly and treated harshly.

I partner with companies and buy excess stock or past season items at a discount and then sell those items at a discount. The companies I partner with are doing amazing work around the world, so when you buy from Love Justly you know your purchases truly make a difference!


Q- How long has Love Justly been in business?

A- A little more than 2 years.


Q- How does Love Justly define ethical fashion, as it relates to you?

A- For Love Justly, ethical fashion means the people who made the item are paid a living wage and treated fairly. All too often in fashion, this doesn’t happen.


Q- Sustainable/ethical fashion can mean a great many things to a great many people. What is Love Justly’s main focus? (Fair employment, creating little waste – if any, sustainable materials, long-lasting items, using sustainable shipping methods, et al)

A- Love Justly partners with a variety of companies and each of those has a different mission, but the heart behind all of them is a desire to provide hope and economic opportunity to people by giving them reliable income.


Q- How do you select the items you sell on your site?

A- The companies I partner with often will let me know what they have to sell and then I select from that. I also take feedback from customers and buy based on what they want to see on the site!


Q- Fast-fashion driven consumption has forced the fashion industry to go from 2 seasons per year to 12-52 seasons per year. This seems to me to be absurd. No entity can crank out reliable, sustainable fashion that is long wearing and fair at that pace. How many seasons (or seasonal updates) does Love Justly add per annum?

A- Love Justly doesn’t follow a set seasonal update. We just added many new products before the holidays and add more based on customer demand and areas we’re starting to run low.


Q- More often than not, ethical fashion can understandably be quite expensive when compared to fast-fashion prices. I think this why so many people hesitate to purchase ethically made items. How do you manage to offer such fair prices on your site?

A- I typically buy items at a discount from companies, which then allows me to sell them at a discount. Due to this structure, I have a more limited selection to choose from, but it helps introduce more people to ethical fashion, where price may have been a barrier before.


Q- How do you ensure the manufacturing standards of those companies whose items are sold on Love Justly?

A- I do research on each of the companies based on what is available on their site and through conversations with them and then go from there in determining whether they would make a good partner for Love Justly.


Q- We have all heard horror stories of companies who destroy their remaining merchandise and send it to the rubbish heap. What do you do with any un-sold merchandise? Or do you order low quantities and keep them for sale until they are sold?

A- We order low quantities at Love Justly, so things are more likely to sell out quicker than they would with other companies.


Q- If a beloved item is sold out, do you offer any way that a person could be placed on a waiting list for that item? Or is it gone forever once it is sold out?

A- Some items we can reorder and if an item is sold out there is a spot where people can enter their email. If that item can be re-ordered we typically will, but sometimes we’ve taken the last items and the company we bought it from may be sold out as well.


Q- I have noticed that you offer international shipping (Yay!). Does Love Justly offer the possibility of basic shipping in order to keep the postal price low?

A- International shipping isn’t realistic for most people, so this is very limited. Since Love Justly is a discount site the high shipping costs of international shipping often don’t make sense. We’re happy to ship internationally, but the shipping costs often make it prohibitive.

Some of my fave products:

holiday giving plate love justly

This incredible Holiday Plate that’s perfect for sharing leftovers and holiday goodies with those you love!


Gold Cashmere Scarf by Komodo.

LJ home-candy-cane-soap-1_600x

For the person that loves all things peppermint-y (uh-hum, me.) this handcrafted candy cane soap is the perfect stocking stuffer!


Kimono Sleeve V-Neck Dress by Liz Alig.  This cool and comfy looking dress is made from 100% recycled T-shirts!


Mini clutch from woven buriti palm fibre.


Peacock Party Dress by Symbology. Beautiful and 100% cotton!

See? I told you they have pretty items! And yes, to answer your question – I would never promote a company that I wouldn’t use myself. I purchased the following gorgeous Liz Alig cotton maxi dress from Love Justly that I love:


If you are interested, each item tells in the description which company it is from and what good things that company is doing with your purchase. Love that!

Get 15% off any order now!

Trendy Ethical Styles

*Photos sourced with full permissions via Love Justly




Guest post: Ten blasts from the past that are making a comeback

There are some things that fade in our memories, only to come back from time to time when we are reminded with a chuckle and a shake of the head. Then there are some things that come back in the kind of way that can’t be ignored – coming to real popularity once again. These ten things might send you deep down memory lane, but they’re also making a big comeback right now!

1. Resort shirts

Fashion right now is returning to the 80s and 90s, big style. Resort shirts are one of the select pieces that are coming back for the upcoming season, and they’re going to be everywhere really fast. Even if you haven’t been anywhere exciting, pick up one of these quirky, kitsch shirts to rock the style with straight-leg jeans and boots.

2. All-natural furniture

Wicker and rattan were materials you most likely associated with your granny’s house, but these days, you can expect to see them popping up in the homes of your peers instead. All-natural furniture is making a comeback, and that means these plant-sourced styles are going to be seen in a lot of modern homes.

3. Conversation pits

You might never have seen a conversation pit in person, as this 70s home design trend was short-lived – and quickly became so much of a turn-off that many homeowners did away with them in order to sell the house.  Now, they’re coming back: a recessed pit in the centre of your living area with connected couches facing one another, so you can’t do anything but chat.

4. Brutalist design

Brutalism came about after WWII in the first place, and uses the textures and colours of metal and concrete to make the home seem cold, stark, and even almost dirty. It’s a bit of a rebellious look, and it comes about for a second time now as homeowners go against the mid-century modernist trend we’ve been seeing in recent years.

5. Scarf dresses

Do you remember the scarf dress? Made from a mixture of textiles, often actually looking like pieces of cut-up scarves, the shape often includes a jagged hem that continues the theme. This style is back in for the season ahead, hitting on the gypsy trend as well as the current penchant for asymmetry in design.

6. Yellow

It’s funny to say it, but colours really do have a big rise and fall in the world of fashion. Sometimes they’re in, and sometimes they’re out. Rising hugely this season is yellow, coming on the coattails of the infamous Gen Z Yellow. For this trend, however, mellower tones are also acceptable.

7. 90s windbreakers

Those oh-so-stylish windbreakers that your mother made you wear in the 90s are actually now a thing again. It’s just a shame that your child-sized jacket will no longer fit!

8. Dad sneakers

Again, we have the 90s to thank for this one. Dad sneakers are so uncool that they’re cool again. Normally we’d tell you to avoid this type of shoe for looking so ungainly and unchic, but now they’re back in vogue for a while.

9. Crazy heels

Stick a few weird shapes into the heel of your shoe and you’re good to go with this trend. You saw those crazy heels in the 90s and again in the 2000s – and this decade’s turn has come at last.


10. Western trends

We’re going all the way back to the Wild West for this trend: think cowboy-style boots, fringed jackets, and prairie chic with a vintage air.

All these trends are back in style, which really makes us wonder. Maybe we’d better hang on to everything we ever buy just in case it comes back!



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AUTHOR BIO: Anna Ashmore is a woman of many talents. She is passionate about literature, sports, travel and education among many other things. She is also an amateur writer who hopes to make it big in the blog world. Professionally, Anna is a market research analyst at and loves her job.

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Avoiding Impulse Buys: Why You Should Practice Shopping

Sound weird, right? It is. But, it WORKS! Please, just hear me out.

The reason I am suggesting that you expose yourself to the environment you are trying to control is simply that of experience and numbness. Please, allow me to explain.

You see, I’ve been doing a somewhat twisted version of the minimalist challenge. Currently, this challenge extends only to my wardrobe. Many months ago, I cleared out a large majority of my wardrobe. I donated almost everything that doesn’t currently fit (Classic pieces and a few faves remain, because although fashions do change, some pieces never go out of style and are too expensive to replace). I also gifted to friends or donated every piece of clothing that wasn’t made out of my preferred fabrics. Believe it to not, there were too many items in that category. I only wear 100% natural fabrics. I hate man-made fabrics. Not only do they look cheap, but they make me sweat. And that is never a good look. This massive overhaul left me with many empty hangars. Too many for my taste.

I don’t bore of my favourite pieces quickly – most of my wardrobe has been with me for at least 5 years. But, I do bore! Finding myself with 3 pair of pants that fit and none that I really love made me crazy. And what do we do when frumpy stares back at us from the mirror? We SHOP. And that’s exactly what I did.

First, I started stopping in to some of my favorites stores. But then I realized, that I can’t really find items in the fabrics I prefer. True, finding the odd blouse or sweater isn’t that difficult to achieve. But, pants? A dress? Borderline impossible!

Then I hit a few of my favourite online stores. I found what I was looking for with only a major investment of my time. However, I am on a budget. A very tight budget. So although my wishlist is bulging at the seams with a few items that might work, my cart remained empty. I had to wait. I had to eliminate. I couldn’t purchase an item until I was certain that it would work. And then I found….the flash sale site. This was one of the biggest mistakes ….EVER! 48 hours to purchase and then its gone. But if someone else got to it first… gone forever. The clincher is that you have 20 mins to purchase or they empty your cart. Now, from a marketing standpoint, this is pure genius. From a consumer standpoint, it SUCKS! At first, the urge to ‘buy now!’ was too much to bear. Even for this person who is in possession of her facilities and more than fully aware of the marketing scheme behind the sites. I spent hours saving my items in the cart while trying to decide if the purchase was well and truly worth spending my hard earned and even harder saved money.

I made a couple purchases. A silk blouse from SET and pair of snow pants that fit. Both of these purchases will be with me for as long as they last.

I did learn something from these experiences though and its that the items that you love, truly love and will wear until its falling apart; those items will stand out from the start. All the other stuff, the fluff, the ‘well, that might work’ items, the ‘it’s on sale and I need …’ items, the ‘I’m not sure, but the ones I like are too expensive’ items need to be left where you found them. These are the items that are a waste of money. These are the things that will be worn 2-3 times and then relegated to the abyss in your closet. THESE are the items you wonder about when you finally start donating your unworn clothes. And that fluff, is the stuff you should try to avoid purchasing. However, if you find something that fits you, your lifestyle and your tastes (NOW) that you absolutely love – Buy it!

But do you know what the coolest thing that happened after spending so much time ‘browsing’? I realized the other day that I’m just not into shopping so much. It’s a bit discouraging, but not really. See, I still love to shop but my tastes have gotten sharper. Meaning, that I’ve spent so much time comparing, looking over all the little details throughout my decision making process, that my brain is somehow magically able to recognize cheaply made, fast produced crap just by looking at it. (Not to mention the fact that I do 100’s of hours worth of research before I write about things here on the blog) To test out this theory, I visited some of my previously favourite sites. A shop that sells mainstream designer footwear at reduced prices, a few fave online lingerie stores, and even a couple sites dedicated to higher end mainstream fashion. I was disappointed by almost all of them. It kind of took the fun out of it for me, that it all looks like cheap junk. Toss away items. Shoes that you can see will fall apart after 1 season. It was a disappointment.

I went to look at a few truly high-end sites (just to see if I had developed a distaste for shopping in general) and I found that I could tell immediately the difference in quality, fabric choices, etc. I could purchase underwear in the fabrics I love, 100% leather shoes (soles included) and when I took the time to research the manufacturing reputations of some of these labels, I was not disappointed. I had found my new clothing havens. Only thing is, you have to pay for quality. I don’t mind saving 3 months for a dress I can wear for years to come. Quite the contrary, actually – as I have always said ‘ I would rather have 3 outfits that make me look & feel Ah-mazing, as opposed to 10 that make me feel meh!’ However, I do mind saving for a dress that I won’t wear.

So, in order to display my delusion of expertise on the matter,  I have put together a little step-by-step on how to practice shopping in order to help control your impulse purchases. And some ideas on how to calculate if your desired purchase is really worth the cash you’re throwing down.

Here we go!:

  • Practice shopping online. Preferably on a site that doesn’t have your current payment information saved.
  • Go through & fill up your wishlist (cart if there is none – hence not having your payment info on file…accidents do happen!) with all the things you love or would normally gravitate towards.
  • Don’t go just a little bit through. Go through it like you would normally.
    • For huge sites, this sometimes takes days. Works well if your PC has sleep mode, you can just revisit later.
  • Now, go through your wishlist/cart based on certain criteria. Eliminate items based on 1 criteria at a time.

These are my personal criteria (and in this order):

  • Will it fit me now? (You might be shocked at how many items are eliminated based solely on this!)
  • Fabric content. If you like only 100% natural fabrics like I do, this will cut out like 80% of your wishlist.
  • Does it fit my lifestyle? Do I have a place to wear it? – Imaginary romantic cruises be damned! If you don’t have the tickets, don’t make the purchase.
  • Do I LOVE IT? Now, I’m not Mari Kondo’ing you. She takes it to a whole other level. I’m saying, if you can’t see yourself wearing it to death then you don’t love it.
  • How much do you already have? If you already have enough clothing to wear something different every day of the month, you don’t really need any more. Same goes if you have 5 items you could wear the same way to the same functions. OR this especially applies if you already have similar items.
  • Can I afford it? This doesn’t mean that you have to buy with what you currently have in your wallet. This means that if you can’t afford it, is it worth saving for? Do you really love it that much?
  • What is the Cost/per wear? (C/PW I started talking about this 2 years ago and I swear by this equation. It has saved me from more than a few bad wardrobe investments.) C/PW is exactly what it sounds like. Personally, I prefer my C/PW to be = or > 1€. So, if I purchase a dress worth €144, then I need to wear it at least 144 times.
  • Will it hold up long enough for me to get my desired C/PW out of it?
    • Example: DVF silk dress on sale for €300. As you know, I like my C/PW to be > or = 1€. That means, I have to wear that dress 300 times – or, approximately 1x weekly for the next 6 years. It’s not suitable for our harsh winter environment, but it will work for the other 3 seasons. So, say 8 months. 8×4=32. Soooo… around 9 years. Will I wear this item 1x per week for the next 9 years during the suitable months? (Probably not) Would it stand that kind of wear and care? It may, and you may. But I do have more than 6 combined outfits in my wardrobe, so I may not wear it that often. You can work this out for yourself, but this is just my process. I have to admit though that handbags are a different story. I have consistently invested in high quality leather handbags and I have not purchased a new one in 3 years! I still have one I purchased 8 years ago and it looks like I bought it last month.
  • Will you repair it? If you have gotten your wishlist down to just an item or a few, and you love the selected item to sew it, or take it to a cobbler then I say – Buy it!

This is the thought process I drag myself through each and every time I want to make a purchase. And you know what? It really works! After awhile it becomes quite automatic. And you really wouldn’t believe that once your brain becomes adapted to this thought process, you will begin to recognize that you have managed to just scroll over quite a few purchases that your former self would’ve taken home in a shopping bag.

Now that I have revealed how my inner shopper copes with a world full of perceived must-haves, feel free to recommend a therapist. Hehe 😉

Thank you for reading! What are your techniques for battling the impulse?


*Photo source via Pixabay

The 2 Types of Shoes Women Should Never Buy

Hi there 🙂

Today, I’m on a mission to save your money and your ankles.

I’m sure that this will most likely result in a loss of any possible affiliate connections with fashionable shoe companies for the foreseeable future. But, to be quite honest with you, having a bit of dignity and a good reputation for honesty here, far outweighs any monetary advances. After all, this is what I seek to do…right?

As I am always browsing blogs, fashion archives and the like – the other day, I was astonished to find an article by a fashionable young woman, telling me that I should wear (exactly one of the items that I’m about to rant against) and nothing else. I could not believe what I was reading. But it continued. And so did my desire to correct it. So, here I am!

As someone who has spent a good portion of my life investing in quality purchases (and quite a few trends), I’m here to do you a service…one which I wish someone had done for me, years ago. That service is to tell you, you are wasting your time with these two types of shoe purchase… and WHY.

  • Mules. I love a slim-lined shoe more than anyone! There is really only 1 reason to stay away from mules and that is….
    • Your ankles. Shoes need ankle support of some kind. True, flip-flops and sandals…I get it. But mules always have a bit of a heel. Meaning that A) you can only shuffle forward and B) One tiny misstep and you’re in the ER with a fractured or twisted ankle.


  • Translucent plastic of any kind on a shoe. Don’t do it! Kardashians be damned. Remember that marketing is exactly that…marketing. Don’t believe for a moment that these women are actually walking around in these shoes. Here’s a few reasons why:
    • Plastic acts like a green house for your feet. Trust me, 1 hour in and your shoes will be fogged up and dripping down. (Eeeewwww!)
    • The get gunky so fast! Feet, people. No matter how clean we keep them, if we’re sweating in plastic, its going to get nasty.
    • It’s virtually impossible to clean the plastic bits. For one, plastic absorbs ick and you can never get it out 100%.
    • If the bacteria doesn’t bother you, the toe marks might. There’s nothing more horrid than taking off your fashionable shoes only to have marks of the tops of your toes remaining – and some dirt thrown in. Translucent shoes have to be kept immaculate in order to look ad-ready. That kind of immaculate means daily upkeep. Are you ready to invest that kind of time into a pair of kicks? Yeah, me neither.


Anyone else have a ‘No-Go’ shoe type? Please let us know!

Thanks for reading


*Photo sourced via Pexels

Introducing Hiperion Brand!

Hello everyone 🙂

I love design. I’m also a business nerd and I have a soft spot in my heart for start-ups. This created a deadly combination for me when I stumbled upon Hiperion. This new label appeals to both hemispheres of my brain and so I kind of HAD to learn more and do a write-up. This was an opportunity I could not allow to pass me by.

Hiperion is a new , MADE IN ITALY high-fashion label (registered in 27/09/2017 with the Milan Chamber of Commerce). Three young gentleman in their 20’s founded, co-own and design for Hiperion.


Simone, Alessandro and Giacomo met during their studies at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. These 3 men work, live and party together in a (divided?) 3 level English-style home. They say it’s a den of artists. Judging by the mental picture that was given to me, I am inclined to agree! In all honesty, it sounds like they have it all working out well!


I was curious as to how these talented young men found themselves together and taking the giant leap into a very deep pool of business and design. Simone explained to me that ‘Giacomo’s mother has an ironing and finishing company. Her passion for art & fashion being so great that it took her away from her hometown of Modena. Alessandro has always been a fashion enthusiast, and decided to pursue his dreams.’ And Simone himself stopped playing professional football (Soccer, for the Americans) after several disappointments and decided to ‘hearten & drown in art, to follow what has always been a passion for him, fashion.’


I’m going to highlight a few of my favourite designs for you, so that you can see the level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

hiperion hf

Each piece has its own unique style. I really love the way that the Hiperion brand has the ability to take inspiration from the every day and transform it into something luxurious.

hiperion velvet.jpeg

I am so drawn to this velvet and silk suit. This piece would be fitting for both man and woman (with different tailoring, of course). But the real reason I wanted to highlight this suit is the detail. I mean, just look at the buttons! Every detail has been made to compliment the outfit as a whole. This is the kind of thing that we really don’t see anymore and I am so happy that attention to detail is coming back!

hiperion fireballs

These designs are not your typical suit. Therefore, one must be creative in the way one wears it. I love that this man wore a regular Tee-shirt with his firecracker designed suit. Hiperion has collaborated with an impressive amount of Italian celebrities in the past year. Some of these collaborations include: Paolo Ruffini for Colorado (Hiperion created 2 dresses for this campaign), Music First (a record company in Milan), and for the tour of Eman. Earlier in February, they held their Hiperion launch show in Milan.

hiperion jester 2

hiperion jester

I really like this suit. Hiperion does not use man-made fabrics. They use silks, velvets, satin and now linen (for the festivals). I wanted to post 2 pictures of this because you can see how the duality blends nicely together in different light and from varying angles.

hiperion daffodil

My favourite part of this suit is the green buttons on the lapel. This tiny detail screams mad-hatter at me and I can’t get enough of it!

Hiperion butterfly

This final shot is to display usage in real life. Plus, I think the butterfly design is cool …especially on the luxury denim-like jacket. This is one of the things I admire about the brands’ mission. Hiperion wants that people feel comfortable wearing luxury every day, not just for special occasions. I could not agree more with this! I have been saying it myself for years, especially when wondering out loud what happened to the days when people took time and made an effort with their appearance! How did we go from every day luxury, well designed clothes that were made to last, to yoga/sweat pants and Tee-shirts? I am so SO happy to have discovered a design house that agrees with me. And THAT is the biggest reason I want to share it with you.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity for a bit of Question/answer with Simone. Please read it below:


Q – What made the 3 of you decide to take the big jump into starting your own design label?

A – The decision to launch our clothing brand at 22 is mainly due to the strong personality that characterizes us. We are resourceful, courageous, sincere, and we believe in ourselves. We young people are capable of great things, we just have to wake up.


Q – How have you found it, being a start-up in such a competitive industry?

A – Being so young and alone as a start-up in such a difficult sector is not easy. Being taken into consideration is not easy, there is a lot of skepticism due to the young age. However, we do not pay attention to these things, we work, we share our love and step by step we will get some satisfaction. However, we also realize that there is a lot of admiration from experts in the sector, given that despite everything we try!


Q – I adore your designs. So chic, so different! From where do you take your inspiration this season?

A – Thanks for the compliment! Our inspiration derives from our daily life. We live together, study together, eat and sleep together. Ideas are born in our heads and meet spontaneously without even having to talk about it. It’s amazing it’s fantastic at the same time.


Q – You do mainly Menswear, but also Women’s wear. Correct?

A – The collection was born mainly for men, but we had numerous requests from the female public. We tried some clothes on girls and it was really fantastic. The man style worn by a woman is something totally out of the box that is already beautiful for this reason. We must break the pre-set balances. We are currently working on a collection solely dedicated to women.


Q – Do you also make any kind of accessories?

A – As accessories we made some rings on request for special customers, like some Italian singers but I can not mention them yet. In the projects there are accessories, like rings, bracelets and cologne but above all the hats, in Borsalino style.


Q – If I wanted to purchase an item, what is the process? (Are they made custom to order or is there a selection from which to choose, and then tailored according to size?) What if you have a customer that lives outside of Italy?

A – We currently expect it to take a couple of months to sell. We are structuring the website from where it will be possible to purchase our products. The only project we are facing now is to be able to see the stuff directly on site in Dubai, but for this we must proceed calmly. We are very followed by abroad, I do not deny that it would not surprise me if we initially became more popular abroad than in Italy. Let’s say that for now we are trying to give value to the brand, through collaborations with Italian TV, actors and singers.


Q – About what is the price range?

A – The price will have an average range between € 800 and € 1500 initially. The dress made for Paolo Ruffini is totally in velvet, lined internally in silk, embroidered in lamé and with more than 200 Swarovski positioned by hand. Those who buy Hiperion certainly buy a lot of quality, beyond our passion.


Q – Where should we look for you? Any future showings that you know of, where you will be?

A – We hope in two years to be at the top, and to share our passion with the whole world. We are very active on instagram and we interact a lot with our followers. We are open to any kind of collaboration, especially with foreign countries. We had an interesting proposal for the Coachella Festival, but maybe it’s not the right time yet. Surely we will affirm a lot in the world of entertainment in Italy, so look at a lot of tv ahaha ! We recently made the first fashion show in Milan and we would like to do two a year! We will send you the invitation and you can share it with all your friends and followers, we are waiting for you!


Q – Thank you so much for your time. Are there any words which you would like to leave with us?

A – Hiperion has a very specific mission. Break the patterns. Make people wear something exclusive in everyday life, without people feeling out of place. Hiperion goes beyond mere fashion, what is created has the same care as a work of art. Hiperion is not a clothing and stop brand, it’s something more. Something that wants to live with people, that needs continuous passion and love, to give and receive, without emotions, things die.

Hiperion label

And with those beautiful words, I will wrap up this post. The Hiperion brand website is currently in the launching phase.

The best way to make contact is via:

INSTAGRAM: @hiperion_brand

VERO: @SimonePellegrini



Thank you for reading!



The Minimalist Closet: An Intro

Hello there 🙂

This is my closet. You’ve seen this pic a few times, especially after I decided to keep only my natural fibre or sustainable clothing options.

I’ve decided to start a new experiment series regarding the minimalist wardrobe.

I browse the internet… A LOT. I’ve noticed that minimalism and the capsule wardrobe have garnered a ton of attention as the new trend. I hate to admit it, but I have to laugh when reading about the ‘French Wardrobe’ or the 33 items for 3 months – trend. You see, in my mind, it seems to be more a case of people wanting what they don’t have (i.e.; time, space, clean lines, easy decisions) than a case of really taking stock of what they have and using it to its full potential. This isn’t always the case, but it seems to be more so than not. People who have, want less. People who have not, want more. Welcome to the vicious cycle called Trends in Consumerism.

I live in Europe. It’s true that the storage space is minimal here, and also that the clothes cost a small fortune. (Especially when you have mentally/physically or age-wise outgrown H&M and all the other fast fashion warehouses.) It’s also true that basics need to be of good quality, since you will get the most wear out of them & that trendy items should be kept to a minimum. (The rules to the French Capsule Wardrobe state that you can buy unlimited basic, but purchase only 5 trendy items per fashion season: Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter) This seems normal. I’m not sure who is able to buy an entire wardrobe of items every few months. (Basics or not) I go months without buying anything sometimes, but I guess that’s because I have more pressing financial priorities. I have a difficult time with refraining from purchases sometimes because I go ga-ga over items that are different. If the sleeves are different on an otherwise normal cashmere sweater or silk blouse, it will be mine. Fortunately for me, this is a rare occurrence when it means the item in question must also be 100% natural fabric. Unfortunately, there are 2 such items at the moment which are waiting patiently for my purchase. Hmmmm….

I see people going all Mari Kondo crazed. No, I have not read the book. Yes, I do know how to fold. How could I not, after spending the years of my youth working in retail? (Whew! Sure am glad to be done with that job…) I’m sure that Kondo is a wiz at what she does. But, I mean really, do you only have things in your home that ‘spark joy’? My cleaning supplies do not overjoy me when I hold them. It’s more of an ‘Uggghhhh…do I have to?’ My empty nondescript flower pots in storage don’t make me smile. But they are a necessary part of my life when spring comes for sprouting. The piles of bills, tax forms and papers on my desk don’t make me happy, but I would be S.O.L. without them. I think its the same with your wardrobe. Of course, we NEED to have things that make us happy, feel sexy, feel great! But wouldn’t we be missing something if that’s all we had? I mean, don’t get me wrong. If I could wear what I felt best in all day, every day – I totally would! But if I’m going to drop 100€+ on a pair of trousers, you better believe I won’t be wearing them to clean the house, run the dog, or netflix & chill with my guy. I’m going to wear the shittiest uniform I own to clean, sweats to run, and something pretty – yet at least mildly comfortable to hang in with babes. However, I do get the basic premise of Kondo’s method, and I agree. She is correct in that if you love the items you own (clothes, for our purposes) then you will be happy in your space. You will take care of your special items, and you will get the maximum amount of wear out of an item that makes you happy when you slip into it. Absolutely! I always say that I would rather have 5 items of clothing that make me feel Ah-Mazing instead of 20 that are ‘Meh’. The fact remains though, that most of us aren’t models. We have active and demanding daily lives and we need clothes that can cater to that aspect of us. So the question (1 of many) is: How do we make this work with a ‘minimalist wardrobe’.

I like this post by Susie Faux, who’s been an advocate of the Capsule Wardrobe for the past 30 years. She outlines the practical reasons why a Capsule Wardrobe is recommended and does not lay out rules.

I have to use the term ‘Minimalist’ or ‘French Capsule’ wardrobe loosely here. For our purposes, there are no rules except for one. I’m not going to count my sweaters and then deny myself a few faves because somewhere someone said I should only have 2. Not gonna happen. Although, speaking the truth, it seems that the internet is telling me that my wardrobe – the one I have now, IS a minimalist wardrobe. How did this happen?

The only rule I am giving myself for the next 12 months is that whatever I buy needs to be:

– 100% natural fabric (I’ve already done this for more than the past year & I love it)

– Of good quality

– Something that fits the size I actually am

– Versatile

– Well researched & thoughtfully considered (So…no impulse buys)

– An investment. Ie; Something that I can see myself using for the next 5 years.

So, to get to the point, I’m taking on this challenge for the next 12 months. I will be posting regularly about my wardrobe, my progress, my insanity and my purchases. I do hope you will follow the journey with me.

Have any of you tried any of the minimalist wardrobe challenges? If so, please tell us about it in the comment section below!


Requiem For a Sweater

My old friend.

How happy I was to pull you from the wardrobe today.

It was my horror to find a hole in the front of you.

We discussed sweater surgery,

but you were beyond repair.

So it was my sad news

to have to throw you in the refuse.

I will miss you my old, brown friend.

The warm embrace of your cashmere,

wrapped around me on a cold winters day.

The comfort of being stretched-out just ‘so’

as to rival the most comfy college Tee.

I will miss having a sweater that matches everything

My wardrobe ‘go-to’,

now a footnote in my style notebook.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replace you,

my favourite cashmere sweater.

A sad day in closet land,


Back to Basics

In a world where we are driven to obtain the newest, the coolest, the best and most expensive items at an ever increasing rate, I’ve finally had enough.

One really can’t help to notice the discrepancies in society. People are living in war zones, being tortured, brutally murdered, starving, trying to escape in any way possible. And what do the rest of us do? We shop. We shop for the newest and most stylish furniture. We shop the latest trends and fashions. We buy cheap crap that does absolutely nothing but take up space. And why do we do it? Because we’re told we have to…for a multitude of reasons.

  • We need to ‘bolster’ the economy
  • We must keep up with the Jones’s
  • Little Johnny won’t understand an investment into his future, best buy him a toy he may or may not play with
  • We must surpass the Jones’s
  • To be successful, we must look successful. (My personal favourite & it’s true. However, we don’t need 200 ‘successful’ outfits that aren’t being worn)

It’s ALL marketing. Every last bit of it. We’re bombarded with marketing 24/7. Not just the obvious types: TV, movies, billboards, commercials, flyers and the like. But like, everywhere. The sugar in your childs’ cereal & the pictures on the box, the hot girl/guy walking down the street in a billabong T-shirt (This is a whole other post. I don’t understand why people pay so much to be walking advertisements for brands?) It’s the lady/gentleman sitting next to you in a bar sipping extraordinary brandy. It’s all extremely well researched marketing that tells you, that YOU are old, out of style, ugly, poor, dirty, basic. And it shows! But we can fix that with a newer & larger home, more modern furniture, the newest instagram worthy watch / diet fad /must-have cosmetics, a shiny new car, this fantastic food which is actually unhealthy as hell (but you’ll never know it), or this €/$ 2000 gown made from recycled trash bags. You need these things. Oh yea, and in 1 months’ time you’ll need all new things or you’ll be old, ugly & poor again.

Bolstering the economy is a joke. The only economy we are bolstering, is the 1%. True, there are jobs. But the ratio of jobs to spending doesn’t match in any accountants books. What we are doing is fulfilling the ever increasing profit margins that companies set that year. When a company declares a loss, in most cases, it is because it did not meet its profit predictions for the year. They over spent. But if you look at the stock history, you will see that the profit predictions are higher than the last. Every. Single. Year. No economy can sustain unbridled growth. The end result is the same globally: Financial crises.

Ever wonder how by the time you get your new stilettos or speakers home, there’s a new chunky heel trend or taller smarter speakers?! How lightbulbs used to last MANY years, but now they die on the regular? It’s called OBSOLESCENCE defined by oxford dictionary as ‘The process of becoming obsolete or outdated and no longer used’. This is a very real tool corporations use in order to maintain sales. There are 2 types of obsolescence. Planned obsolescence (lightbulbs) and Perceived obsolescence (fashion).

Planned obsolescence is when items are designed to break so that they must be replaced. I know, a lot of people think this is just conspiracy theory. But it isn’t. There are actually innumerable memos from the 70’s which are out there, openly discussing planned obsolescence. Why? Because it was considered a form of marketing and nothing more. Design a product so the life span is shorter, and your customers must replace it. Most of the memos discuss the ‘ideal’ lifespan of products. This took years of research because if a product died too quickly, the consumer would tell themselves that the company made sub-standard products & go elsewhere for the replacement. If the lifespan was too long, companies would loose their profit margins. So where’s the sweet spot? It used to be a decade or more for machinery. For example, my previous washing machine lasted 10 years. The one before that? Forever. This one lasted 3 years before it started to sputter. The time span gets shorter as we grow more accustomed to replacing our items. We are still saying ‘they don’t last as long as they used to’ a phrase muttered countless times in the past 60 years. And this is where perceived obsolescence kicks in.

Perceived obsolescence is when the consumer (us) is convinced that an item is old, out of style, no longer impressive to the outside world. Fashion is the largest of the arenas which employ perceived obsolescence to keep ever increasing profit margins. But, take iPhone for example. They can be both planned & perceived, but stick with me here. Raise your hand if you have purchased a new smart phone before the old one broke. Why do you do it? The never ending hunt for the newest and brightest affects ALL aspects of our lives. Even our relationships. Why do people cheat? There’s the perception that there is always someone better out there. There isn’t. There’s faster internet (which actually isn’t faster on phones, the old ones were just slowed down) there’s new apps (great, more gen pop ADHD) there’s a sleek new design. Just like fashion, which is now turning over at a staggering rate. In the 1930’s, the average woman had 9 outfits in her closet. We have hundreds of mix & match, spring/summer, fall/winter, going out, business, hanging in clothes and always on the hunt for more. In the 50’s -70’s, fashion lasted years. You could easily update your wardrobe with 1 simple piece. Now, its a complete changeover. Wedges are in (Yay! They’re comfy!) nope, wedges make you walk like a trucker. Stilettos are in. Not high enough, go skyscraper heel. Nope, those are too man-eater, go for a platform. no, not the 70’s ones, but they look like the 70’s ones. Oh wait, change of plan, Chunky heels are in. We can’t keep up! And because we are being told non-stop what the appearance of our person, our car, our homes are telling people about our personality, we feel like we HAVE to keep up. We don’t. Everything is so mixed up now that what’s out of fashion now, will be back in fashion in a year or two. Just enough time for us to toss all our out-of-date items into the bin….and then replace them. See where I’m going with this?

Do you realize that if we compare today’s economic index per household with 2 working adults with the 1970’s economic index per household with 1 working adult, the results show that we are actually bringing home LESS today than 40 years ago! The results are staggering. Of course, pay nowadays is much higher. But we are spending so much more. The average family in manyCountries (especially America, Canada & Europe) is up to their ears in debt. We are in debt because we hit hard times, of course. But mainly because of societal expectations. It’s the bigger house. A mortgage that should only take up an average of 28% of your pre-tax pay, but somehow takes up at least 70%.  The items to furnish the bigger house. The kitchen remodel of the bigger house. It’s seeing a suit you fall in love with & not having to save the money to buy it before it no longer exists. We impulse purchase without a seconds thought to the fact that we are paying 10-25% over the already sky high purchase price because we have to have it. It’s the newest phone that we don’t need. Look at us, our friends will be so jealous.

Now I am as guilty of credit card abuse as the next person. Nearly having heart palpitations at the thought of not having it (them) for ’emergencies’; Which seem to include that perfect 100% silk dress I can’t find anywhere else, instead of oh I dunno…maybe in case the pipes burst again or the walls start to crumble around me. Or if we find ourselves stuck in an airport overnight because the flight was cancelled. This happens all too often & I never have my ’emergency’ funds available for actual emergencies.

It’s a vicious cycle, really. We spend more to get more, then work harder to pay off our debt & find ourselves in a cycle of work-eat-sleep-cram all your home stuff that needs to be done in the weekends – repeat. What happened to a day of rest? What happened to our connection with nature? What happened to picnics in the park on a sunny day?!

I’m done. I’m done with all of it. Of course I like to look pretty, but I can handle a few options without needing to renovate my house for closet space. I’m done paying an exorbitant amount at the market for food I can plant in my own yard. I’m done buying electronics that I don’t need. I’m done spending my money on frequent nights out when I can’t even afford a dishwasher & spend all my time washing dishes. I’m done giving expensive gifts that people could care less about instead of making something special or giving a charitable donation. I’m DONE being told what is socially acceptable of me! I am what I am and those who love me, will accept that. To those who don’t: well, there’s the door. I’m taking it back to basics. Since we, the consumer, have the ultimate say; I challenge you all to think about your next must-have purchases. Do you really need it? Do you really love it? Why? If yes, go for it! But if not, I encourage you to leave it behind & give your wallet and hard working self a smile, for once.

Anybody else as frustrated as I am? Please, feel free to share!


Louis Vuitton RTW Spring 2017 Best Looks

Since we are embarking on Spring, which is always an exciting time of year for those in love with high fashion, I wanted to share this post highlighting some great looks from the Louis Vuitton Runway for the Spring/Summer 2017 season. Enjoy!


If I were a business woman these looks would be my go to for everyday. The monochrome pallet keeps everything neat and classy while the harsh lines and cuts are what really makes these pieces stand out. With hints of snake print, gold and nudes, this collection perfectly summarises the business women of today.

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Desperately Seeking Sustainable Style

I had to share this post on sustainable style by There are so many of us, searching for sustainable fashion & beautiful pieces. We should support each other! Enjoy this post 🙂


 “Looking back in History, we see that the origins of fashion portray the character of a world built by manual techniques and natural fibers. Design was carried out as a reflection of culture and society. These are the images of an extinct world we need to recover.”  

 Adriana Marina, Founder of Animana

Tribal Necklace copy.jpg Necklace by Gilded-Mane

Anyone with a vested interest in fashion, knows that the industry is in the midst of an existential crisis. Like the mythical dog “Cerberus,” the modern day hybrid that is currently terrorizing the fashion flock has three heads – social media, economic uncertainty, and climate change. While each cultural phenomenon has generated problems that might be considered manageable in isolation, together they create a formidable beast. Social media, which provides a real-time digital window into the inner sanctum of high-fashion, often creates unrealistic expectations. Just because a…

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Best Milan Secondhand/Designer Shopping: Bivio!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you find yourself in Italy, you should visit this store. I HAD to reblog this post from as I’ve been searching for a high-end consignment store. I was so excited when I saw her post! Thank you, Style jinx, for allowing the reblog 🙂

Codename Couture

composite-bivio-web-900-okI cannot express how fortunate I was to stumble upon this amazing little shop while on my way to the market of all places! Located but five minutes from my apartment, Bivio is a goldmine for all fashionista’s. It houses everything from vintage to lightly used Zara and extremely well priced designer wear, including gowns from Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, and Valentino. Gowns that usually cost thousands of dollars  can be found be anywhere from 80 Euro to 300 Euro, not a bad deal!

bivio_milano_shopping_second-handokbivio_store_3These 2 photos of the interior from the Bivio Website

For you shoe fanatics out there, fear not, they have a pretty impressive array of designer shoes as well. Including name brands like Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Mui Mui and many others.


I myself had my eye on a pair of velvet Armani loafers I sadly let slip through my fingers.  So how Bivio works is similar to any…

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Wooohooo! I found it! I found it!!! You are now looking at the proud owner of a beautiful wedding dress…and just in time, too!

For those of you reading who haven’t been following the wedding saga, I realized last week that ‘OMG! If I don’t pick a dress soon, I’m not going to have one AT ALL!’. My panic was well expressed in this post. I seriously thought that I could have my dress in-hand in 3 months time. My, my…how wrong I was. Apparently, the time frame is 6 months! Hurry! Hurry!

So this is what I did: I went back to the original boutique. All the others I visited were a bit ‘Meh’ for me. High prices for inferior fabrics, or waaayyyy too focused on the princess story. Being in my late 30’s, I really have no need to re-inact a disney movie and look quite preposterous in some of the ballgowns. Bigger is not always better. Not for me anyway.

At this boutique, I had fallen in love with a few gowns and had to leave without trying some of them on due to time constraints. So I went back, and I picked my dress loves and we all went into the fitting room together. There is truly nothing quite like having a wall of  wedding dresses waiting for your opinion. I love it. Champagne helps.

Here are some that I absolutely adore (I wasn’t able to include all of them, as some look like a solid wall of veil – which I’m guessing nobody wants to see).


I was swooning for this gown. We did have a battle over undergarments. I’m sorry, but I will NOT be wearing a hoop! Let it hang… 🙂


Feeling a bit ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ but it is age-appropriate.


Flow-y makes my heart sing 🙂 Don’t mind the mess in the back, that was for sizing purposes.


Oh…Glamour, detail and gold…how I love thee! A bit cozy around the hips, but just look at it!


Ah…the romance of lace! I love it, like really love it. But I fear my fiancé will tell me I look like a table cloth. And then I will have to use it against him for the rest of his life.


Aaaand throw in a bit of Old Hollywood in the mix for good measure 😉

A few things. I know I said I didn’t want strapless. And I tried, I really did! These 2 strapless dresses are the only strapless ones I tried. And the reason being? The bodice is so tight, it’s not going A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E, possibly not even a comfortable sitting position if I don’t do a emergency slim down of 1-2 cm’s.

I did, in fact, have The Moment! I cried. Not crocodile tears, but enough to know that ‘this is my dress’! It’s so hard to explain. I tried on a coordinating veil with each dress I loved. But when I looked in the mirror and saw myself in The Dress with the veil, it was like I knew that this dress would be carrying me down the aisle. I was so lucky to have my mother with me who was helping me by taking photos and I heard, can’t you smile? Why can’t you smile? And I just couldn’t say anything. My eyes welled up with tears while I stared at myself in the mirror and thought about walking down the aisle to the man I love. It was…surreal.

Ironically, the dress I chose (or that chose me) is not something I would normally go for. So I’m really glad I went in with an open mind and looked for dresses outside of my comfort zone. Otherwise, I never would have found this beauty. And I did not want to take the dress off. When the associate asked me if this was the dress I wanted, I said that the tears spoke for themselves and that is a clear sign to me that you need this dress. THIS ONE! She was a real doll, by the way, the sales associate. When I cried, she cried too. And then we all laughed about how overtly emotional we got.

So what do you think? Any favourites?

Which one do you think is The One?


P.S.- The feature photo (hanging dress I’m not in) is a diversion tactic in case fiancé finds himself scrolling through the blog. He’ll think thats the one and will be so surprised when the big day comes! 😉

*Feature photo by Sharla Stenersen Photography

My Sustainable Fashion Crush is Now Offering FREE Shipping Worldwide!!

Yeah, Baby…YEAH! Thanks to Twitter, I’ve been made aware that Shift to Nature is now offering FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on a trail basis. As most of you know, international shipping is a real bug in my brain sometimes. So, as you can well imagine, I’m hanging from the chandeliers over this deal!

If you haven’t yet read my sustainable fashion feature on Shift to Nature, you can read it by clicking here. I love this company! 🙂


Please check out Shift to Nature, and make sure to use the promo code M15 at check-out for 15% off and a giveaway bottle of vegan Noa Lane nail polish!

Wooohooo! I guess you know what I’ll be doing this afternoon 😉


Why Fashion Week is so Important (1 min read)

Happy New Years eve, everyone! I hope you enjoy the last day of 2016 🙂
I’m Giving a little share to my Fashion week post for Millionaires Digest. Enjoy!

Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Mliae A.

Founder & Owner of: Life Experiment Blog

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Travel Writer

When we think of Fashion Week, our minds usually conjure up images of the fashion elite sitting coolly in front rows of high-end, highly anticipated runway shows. Although this is true, Fashion week is mainly targeted at those who work in the fashion industry. Fashion week is a work event.

Read: Favorite Looks from the 2016 Runway Collections

Imagine you own your own small business. You have two weeks in a year to display your half year’s work. You have to make it count! You would cram in as many meetings with investors, marketers, and media moguls as you possibly could as this would be your main chance at spreading the word about your products. Same goes for Fashion Week.

We tend not to consciously acknowledge the fact…

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Sustainable Fashion Feature: Shift to Nature

Greetings all!

As many of you know already, I have been on the hunt for friendly, fashionable, sustainable, fashion houses with great customer service which utilize sustainable business practices. And I found a great eco-fashion start-up that goes by the name of Shift to Nature, in Australia. They are awesome! Truly, super-cool and incredibly friendly and cooperative people! So much so, and I have to tell you this because it just never happens, that I was put in contact with the owner and personality of Shift to Nature and she is the one who made sure that every single one of my questions were answered, that I had all the facts, and went WAY above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we have everything we need to make our own evaluations of the company! (and she returned all 8 million of my emails) This fact, in and of itself, really made me acquire a fashion crush on this company. I wish that more companies were able to understand the true value of incredible customer relations. As this can either make or break a sale, or a lifelong of sales, regardless of how pretty the item on the hanger is.

How I came to contact Shift to Nature

I have spent countless hours researching fashion houses. I’ve even spent loads of time searching brand names woven within massive e-commerce sites, in the search for a handful of businesses that offer fashionable sustainable clothing that I feel confident are the crème de la crème. However, even though sustainable and eco-clothing seems to be gaining in popularity, there are some boxes that need to be ticked for me to contact a company in the first place:

  • A majority of the products must be natural fabrics (I say majority because some of the businesses are doing good things by upcycling non-natural fabrics to avoid creating waste)
  • Fashionable items. I want to feel beautiful in my clothes at work, on a date and at home. I know you do too.
  • Fair trade (it doesn’t have to be registered fair trade. Using local artisans and product or helping those in need by paying fair wages IS Fair Trade…with or without the label.)
  • Sustainable business practices
  • Transparency in business practices
  • A non-market based orientation for their products. (Unfortunately, so many eco-fashion houses are mis-using the identity as more of a marketing strategy and less of a genuine concern)
  • Good customer service
  • Reasonable international shipping. (You know this is a MUST for me. I’m neurotic about shipping…not sure why.)

Shift to Nature has far exceeded my wish list.

To show you some of the 100% natural fabric women’s items I fell in lust with, I’ve created a virtual capsule wardrobe for ladies from some of Shift to Nature’s product line! Even the sunglasses are bamboo!

  1. Bamboo Wide Yoga Pants,  2. Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt,  3. Merino Wool Eco Snood, 4. Aurora Black Scarf, 5. Tortoise Ethical Eyewear

1A. Black Stripe Bra and Underpants, 2A.  Long Sleeved Organic Cotton Stretch Dress in Charcoal Grey 3A. Bamboo Wrap  4A. Celestial Nightie, 5A. Bamboo House Dress

A bit about Shift to Nature

Shift to Nature does work with designers, some are smaller than others, which creates a great opportunity for new designer discovery as well as for the consumer to find an item they go ga-ga over without having to pay the usually astronomical designer price. (Hello Virtual Capsule Wardrobe…you will be MINE!)  New items from different designers are added monthly, as well as keeping with some of the continuous favourites. They do re-order stocks of the best-selling items, so if there is something you love that currently isn’t in stock, ask about it and wait whilst daydreaming. It will be back!
Product pricing is affordable compared to many of the eco-fashion stores, but it is not cheap. It is quite clear that they go to great lengths to provide fair pricing and to take into account the customers relative sticker shock when making the move to eco-clothing. They also offer very reasonable international shipping (Yay! Happy me 🙂 🙂 )

I’m doing something a bit different in this feature. I hope it works out. While I was looking over some of the answers to my questions I received, I wasn’t exactly sure how to put it into narrative. You see, my problem was this: The answers just ooze personality. If I were to reformat that into my words it would….lose something. I think that the personality is so important to a brand, especially when it is the owner speaking and you can hear the passion and excitement in your mind while reading. I don’t want to take that away because it is so important! So for the first time ever, I am leaving it in Question (me)/Answer (Shift to Nature) format.

Q – Does Shift to Nature work with any designers?

A – Shift to Nature is a really large collaboration with designers and brands for their own products as well as new in-house Shift Collaboration such as Faite, Noa Lane Nail Polish and Lily & Leo organic cotton kids range coming soon! Designers with their own brands are featured such as Alas the label with Sleepwear, Eleven44 hot yoga wear and more. All of the designers work on a small scale and have chosen to make the shift to eco fabrics. While this has been in no way limiting their designs, as each designer brings the wearability and softness of eco fabrics into a contemporary colour, lines, prints and fits. Our “in-house” designers are actually wonderful collaborations with notable freelancer designers around the world. Aude in France, Tess in Perth, Project Change collaboration in Cambodia, eco designers in Sydney. For me this promotes alternate economies for people. Lovely and creative women, often mothers can work at home, managing their own time and also having fun with the process. It’s one of my favourite parts of the Shift to nature process – there is now a community of very talented creatives around it – including Bloggers 😉

Q – I see that you also include Lenzig Tencel, any thoughts as to eventually incorporating Cupro into your catalogue?

A – Yes I would love to include Cupro which is a regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned) creating a silk like cotton fabric. However as this is a new fabric it is still very expensive to make it into reasonably priced eco garments. I noticed that high end designers such as Donna Karen are using it. This raises the question of cost in the fashion industry – hopefully as the new eco fabrics are developed and become widely available a drop in their prices can make them available to smaller designers who can find the balance between eco and acceptable purchase prices for the consumer. There is a tension here. While customers move toward ethical and eco purchases there is difficulty often to justify the higher prices. The higher prices are ethical and related to the real transparent cost of eco fabrics, fair wages and ethical business. However due to fast fashion companies producing incredibly cheap and plastic clothes, consumers are now used to purchasing leggings for $5. This makes the shift to eco very difficult, unfortunately. For designers and makers we are limited to reasonably priced organic cotton, bamboo, lenzig tencel and other such more available fabrics to keep the costs reasonable.

Q – Approximately how many farmers, artisans, etc can you say that your Fair Trade practices help worldwide?
A – Goodness, that is very difficult to say. It takes a lot of minds, hands and hearts to make quality products. Possibly 100’s of families are helped through the activities of Shift to Nature designers and makers. This is probably unique as Shift is a collective with people making lovely items across the world – from Estonia, Bali, Germany, India, Cambodia, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Peru – rather than having a limited place of making. As we search for newly unique items everyday we find some wonderful items – and manage it all online, so as carbon neutral as possible in terms of business operation. And we are not limited to English – we love to stretch ourselves and make connections really finding the most unique products.

Q – Do your sustainable practices extend to logistics as well?

A – Yes so for items that come to us as stock, we use sea freight if international. For packaging and posting to our customers we use Australia Post who have good quality assurance and standards. We also believe in public shared economy – so it is important to utilise the international postal systems in each country – keeping them alive and serving all. Based in Adelaide Australia, we have recycle policies of our local council. We remove as much plastic wrapping as we can and then hand wrap the items with recycled tissue paper. We then recycle or reuse as much as we possibly can.

Q – Is there transparency in Shift to Nature’s business practices?

A – Yes there is as much as possible. We will be applying for B-Corp status such that, this certification will require reports. However we are a startup and so I am partly still self-funding the business. We do not make a profit because all of the funds go back toward research and development of new designs and eco products. We are hoping that this will carry us into the future. Our business aims is to create a self-sustainable business – meaning that it can survive as a business stand alone, without additional investment, and that its income is reinvested back into itself to create better products. We spend much much more on R&D than on marketing, for example.

Q – Any new product lines we can look forward to?

A – 🙂 Big smile – yes! Without giving everything away, we think eco and fair products should start with kids. Kids have a big sense of fairness and care and childhood is where a sense of wonder and concern for the planet is sometimes at its strongest. They also want fun and comfortable clothes. Lily & Leo is just around the corner – but no peaking!

Here are some of the items for Home, Kids and Men available:

1B. Luxury Organic Cotton Sheets  2B. Bells Beach Turkish Style Cotton Towels 3B. Men’s Tailored Hemp Linen Shorts 4B. Dino Quilt Cover Set

And this is where it gets even better! 😀

Shift to Nature has very generously offered us a 15% off discount promo code (M15) AND is giving away a bottle of Noa Lane vegan nail polish* with purchase (remember promo code: M15)! *While supplies last, colours may vary.


A bit about Noa Lane:

Q – I would love to share more about the Noa Lane Vegan Nail polish that you have so generously offered as a bonus to our readers! What makes it vegan?
A – This is so exciting! People often say: ‘but nail polish has no animal products’ but it actually does. Regular nail polish does, in fact, contain fish Scales (usually from Herring) that creates the Sparkle. The iridescent qualities of the scales make them “ideal” for grinding up into glitter. Noa Lane Nail Lacquer does not contain any Fish Scales. The sparkle comes from mineral Micas! Naturally forming mica flakes are from Muscovite mineral rocks which are refined and for safe cosmetic use, the result combined with colour gives the beautiful Opalescent finish. When used in nail polish suspension base the Mica powders distribute freely and evenly leaving a uniform colour saturation. The shine and shimmer of the mica compliments glitter polishes and unlike powder pigments micas do not clump or cause streaking in nail polish. Noa Lane Nail Lacquer also Does Not contain these animal by-products commonly found in regular nail polish: stearic acid, glycerol and cochineal, or crushed bugs. Items from the Noa Lane Mineral Cosmetics range are Vegan and Not Tested on Animals. They are free of Five particularly nasty chemicals including formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer by national research bodies. Noa Lane Mineral Cosmetics is made in Australia with ingredients comply with International standards.

It has truly been a pleasure to work in conjunction with Shift to Nature in order to write this feature on sustainable fashion! They have gained a lifelong customer here and I know that your experience, should you so choose to check out the company, will be as awesome as mine has been!

Thank you so much for reading! And please remember, if you find yourself on the Shift to Nature website  use promo code: M15 at checkout for a 15% discount and a complimentary bottle of Noa Lane vegan nail polish! (*While supplies last, nail colours may vary).



Capsule Wardrobe Survival: 8 Ideas to make your black dress work overtime for casual, office and evening!

Hello ladies 🙂 This post is for all my comrades in the eco-fashion, capsule wardrobe journey. As well as those who, like myself, are wiling to invest in an item of clothing that can do triple-time, even if there isn’t exactly available funds for a luxury purchase. (Thus creating the necessity to make your few items work well for you in multiple social circumstances).

Today, I bit the bullet and purchased this dress. (Ok, it was actually a joy, not a chore.) Although I do have a Vince Camuto LBD that I purchased years ago and still get quite a bit of wear out of, its short, low-cut and sleeveless. It’s winter now. I just…can’t. Something about snow, wind and a mini skirt just doesn’t calculate well. I haven’t had a basic black dress for winter in many years. However, I thought long and hard about how I could make this purchase worth my while with the items I currently have available for my winter capsule wardrobe.

As most of you know, I have made myself a promise that I would not buy fast fashion (Which unfortunately, also means affordable for someone with a next to nothing budget) and that I buy only natural fabrics. I went on a long search and found this dress. 95% cotton and 5% elastin. (I prefer zero elastin, but hey, sometimes it’s just there. Like, good luck finding a pair of jeans with no elastin. Am I right?) Then I kept it bookmarked for a few weeks while I weighed the options. Today, I checked out 😉


The following are the ways I will turn this basic black into a Capsule Wardrobe essential that will work overtime for a variety of occasions!

  • Firstly, you can just wear it like it is with a pair of black flats.


  • Dress it up for a semi-formal evening  or a hot date, with a glamorous necklace and sexy heels (rose gold, in my case)

  • Accessorize a great look for the office with a big cozy scarf, a light necklace, and thick heeled ankle boots

  • Go boho with a loose cozy poncho and thick heeled ankle boots or wedges

  • For an easy to achieve highly sophisticated look, pair the dress with a brown leather obi belt and brown and black heels

  • For a super casual day, throw on those converse and a denim jacket! (I’m so glad wearing sneakers with dresses is fashionable now!)

  • For another business look, pair with a cashmere cardi, a skinny belt and highly sculpted suede ankle heels

  • If it’s really cold and you just want to be warm, cozy and look super cute; Throw on your favourite boyfriend sweater over top of it and pair with boots or sneakers.

It’s all about accessorizing, ladies! It’s amazing how versatile this one item can be when using items you probably already own to make it go from casual to office to a night out!

What are some of your must-have capsule wardrobe staples?


*Please note: These photos have been taken from pinterest, google and my own items. There are no shopping links contained within.

Does my choice to wear natural fabrics, really dictate my fashion options?

…Sometimes, it really seems that way.

I am frustrated. I spent a large portion of my day doing some Christmas shopping online. Take, Zalando, for example. A website that is full of designer labels, clothing and accessories for the entire family. I scrolled and scrolled through for hours today. Literally, hours. Every time I found something that was stylish and somewhat affordable, it was a poly or acrylic blend. It is so frustrating.

Luckily, those I’m shopping for aren’t as picky about fabrics as I am. Though I would love to be able to get them some nice, soft, pretty items made from natural fabrics. I am starting to presume that this is a luxury wishlist, as it is just so difficult to find anything other than Tee shirts, the occasional college shirt or long sleeve Tee or cotton blend sweaters. I found 1…yes, ONE full cotton dress on the entire site. What is the deal?! I mean, I just don’t understand it. I would LOVE to be able to buy a silk maxi-dress for less than 1,000 ($/€) or wool pants for less than 500. Why is it, the fabrics that are most sustainable and take the least amount of processing, are also used the least and cost the most? Does anyone understand the logic in this?

How did we get here? How do we get the fashion industry’s attention to let them know that we don’t need a closet full of artificial, inexpensively made clothes that will be out of style in 6 months…that we need quality craftsmanship, natural fabrics and beautiful classic, versatile designs that will last years?! THIS I am willing to pay good money for, even save if I have to. Of course! What woman wouldn’t invest in her appearance if she knew she looked fabulous and that she could get her money’s worth out of her garment?!

I am amazed that I am able to find more natural fabrics and nice designs on amazon, than I am on Zalando. I never thought it would be this challenging to go ‘rogue’ when I made a deal with myself that I would only buy natural or sustainable clothing, at least for the year, to start.

Anybody else having this experience?


People Tree: A glimpse into the sustainable fashion web store

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping in! Todays article kicks off my happily anticipated series on sustainable fashion. I have been on the hunt… high and low, searching for the best, coolest and friendliest homes of sustainable fashion.

Here’s how it went down: I think I spent at least 30 hours doing internet search on top of internet search for sustainable fashion businesses. I then compiled a list and went through each site that I had found (another several days of solid researching). Many were sadly no longer active. Another large group was those that specialized in like…socks. And then, THEN we have the massive conglomerates that marketed sustainable and ethical fashion, but in all honesty, it was just for marketing. I’ve worked in business; I know a marketing ploy when I see one. So once I was able to categorize these business even further, it left me with only a handful of genuine fair trade practicing, sustainable processing, natural fiber using fashion companies who have some really nice modern day designs. Works for me! I’ve been on the search for the best and now it seems like I’ve found a tiny group of them.

Now I must tell you, that these people at People Tree are some of the most co-operative people I have spoken to. I understand, of course, that when a blogger contacts a company the immediate thought is ‘freebie request’. Now, I love freebies, it’s like Christmas when something that you really love arrives! That said, I merely wrote to request information. They not only understood my request for information and permission, they made sure I was well stocked in all the information I could possibly need and were at hand for any questions I might have. How awesome is that for this humble blogger??!

Now, a large part of the reason I developed a clothing crush on this company is because their designs are nice. They are comfortable and beautiful; suitable for office, home and a night out. Two of their featured designers this collection are Peter Jensen and Zandra Rhodes. They have worked with Thakoon, Laura Ashley, and Vivienne Westwood (to name a few). Having designer options at a reasonable price, in natural fabrics all the while incorporating Fair Trade and sustainable business practices, is what really made me find myself going ga-ga.

Some of this information is in the form of a social review, which is conducted every other year in order to ensure that The People Tree is maintaining or exceeding their fair trade practices. This was fascinating reading, as so many companies do not truly practice any form of transparency in their sourcing and business practices.

People Tree utilizes fair trade practices in every step of their production process. From Cradle to Cradle. Most of their cotton is certified organic and fair trade. They use safe, azo-free dyes for their clothing, they source locally and use recycled where they can. Even down to their natural buttons which use either shell, coconut, corozo ( a natural grain which resembles resin), horn or wood. All of the woven items are hand woven, and in many cases, People Tree uses recycled material so as not to create or contribute to any additional waste. Logistically speaking, they are brilliant – utilizing sea transport as opposed to air. They even take sustainability so far as to use solar panels in as many possible places as they can.

Safia Minney founded People Tree in 1990. People Tree is said to be the ‘first international clothing company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation Fair Trade product label’. In the past 25 years, they have been able to perfect a supply chain, which positively affects in excess of 3,700 farmers, tailors, weavers, dyers and management due to Fair Trade practices. They employ some of the persons from castes which truly struggle and need a fair opportunity. Including as stated ‘Indigenous, disabled, refugees and people living in poverty’ from the Countries India, Bangladesh and Nepal. In total, they work with  34 Fair Trade producers who employ approximately 15,000 people. The numbers I was able to get my hands on states that there are approx 4,500 artisans & farmers in 13 countries (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Laos & The Philippines). That’s a lot of Fair Trade going around!

Some of their Fair Trade practices include training, the possibility of advance pay without interest for business development, fair wages (which is why you won’t find a €5 garment here), good working conditions and market exposure. Ladies, you will love this; HALF of the leadership positions throughout People Tree’s production chain are filled by Women! Yeah, Baby! Yeah!

People Tree has two seasonal collections per annum, and these are some of the stand out items from the Autumn/Winter collection. I could not do a business feature without displaying some of my favourite lust-worthy products, of course!

Some of the items I love at People Tree:


The Lara Pencil Skirt

95% organic cotton, 5% elastin



The Imara Top

95% organic cotton, 5% elastin

Formerly priced at €65, now €33,04


Hesper Striped Skirt in Black

100% Organic Cotton



May Turtleneck

95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastin



Fisherman’s Jumper in Unbleached

100% Wool



Swallows Tee

100% Organic Cotton



Peter Jensen Jewel Tie Waist Dress in Multicolour

100% Organic Certified Cotton

Now €55.44

Another cool little thing they do on the website is that under the photo of the particular item you are looking at, there is a statement which informs you where the item was sourced and the Fair Trade aspects of it. Nice 🙂

Now here’s the icing on the cake: FREE delivery in UK on all orders, and an INTERNATIONAL delivery fee of only 5 British Pounds for ALL orders over 70 British Pounds. THAT is SUPER! You know me, I’m a sucker for affordable international postage! J

They have loads of fashionable items to choose from in both Women’s and Men’s. If you are interested in sustainable fashion, this is a great place to check out!

After so much time reading up on this company, the mantra that will remain ringing in my head is ‘slow fashion, not fast fashion.’ From here forth, every time I see a clothing shop which turns over their trends on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and are selling man-made fabric must-have’s on me for the price of €5-€7, I will mentally equate it to McFashion – the pre-processed, rubbery burger that you can get for €1 and regret for much longer.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this business, please share!


*Photos & permission provided by People Tree

Feeling Fashionable: my #ootd

Today, I feel pretty good about my #ootd so I felt like sharing with you. The great thing about autumn is that one can wear her suede over the knee boots and a nice cashmere sweater to dress up her favorite skinny jeans and look and feel great!

Sorry, I hate taking selfies and they always come out just awful looking, so I found the products themselves to show you.

So here’s what I’m rocking today :


Miuk Women’s Basic Slim Turtle-neck Long Sleeve 100% Cashmere Pullover Sweater

Levi’s Women’s Revel Demi Curve Skinny Jeans, Blue (Hight Storm 0032), 29W x 32L


Sam Edelman Women’s Bernadette Boot, Grey Frost, 8.5 M US


Bohemia Chandelier Fringe Women Long Pierced Dangle Multi-Chain Linear Drop Chain Tassel Earring Golden


Dazzle Flash Gold Tassle Necklace Chic Tassel Necklace Halo Long Tassel,NAG159

My necklace & earrings are basically identical to these, except it’s an antique set from my grandmother 🙂 I love them!

…And now, I’m off to do some wedding dress shopping!



*Feature image credit: Oh Fiddle Dee Dee Blog

A Word About Sustainable Fashion

Good day, everyone 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Today I’d like to discuss a topic which is becoming more and more of a priority for not only myself, but also for many fashion forward men and women. The words of the day are ‘sustainable’, ‘eco’, ‘fair trade’, ‘organic’ and ‘natural fibers’. The reason I would like to talk with you about it is because I am seriously considering launching yet another experiment here on lifexperiment blog.

As most of you already well know, I am a huge proponent of natural fabrics. There are several reasons for this, some are as follows:

  • Studies have shown that linen is the most hygienic fabric for sheets, and that bamboo is naturally antibacterial
  • Chemical processing. Fabrics like polyester, rayon and acrylic are treated with various acids and chemical processes. What’s the use in leading a healthy lifestyle if you are absorbing these chemicals through your skin? Of course, you aren’t going to get a ton of it, but some of these have been said to cause cancer and I’m thinking that 5 minutes of saved ironing, isn’t worth it.
  • It’s basically plastic. I don’t eat plastic and I don’t want to wear plastic. However, I do eat flax, so linen is ok 😉
  • Money. If I am going to invest in a gorgeous piece of clothing, I want to feel gorgeous in it! Also, if I can buy a poly dress for €5, why would I pay €300 for the same thing? This is a major bone of contention with me.
  • Natural fibers feel better. Ever notice how you always get hot in that poly blend shirt, but never in organic cotton or silk? It’s back to the plastic thing. Natural fibers breathe better. Personally, I’m in love with the way silks, linens, cotton (especially organic, for some reason), cashmere, wools and leather feel on my skin.

In searching for these beloved fabrics of mine, I have made some interesting discoveries. There are actually tons of companies that now specialize in sustainable, natural or eco-friendly clothing. And it’s not like it used to be! Remember 10 -12 years ago when basically all the sustainable clothing was only in stores that also carried candles and incense? When the first thing that came into your mind at the sound of ‘organic cotton’ was bicycle Tee’s and cargo pants? Totally not the case anymore…much to my delight! 🙂 Some of the online shops I found actually had some really fabulous business wear, daily wear and I even saw a few wedding dresses! Now here’s the rub: Although most places are very upfront about which branch of eco, sustainable, organic they are on – sometimes, you just have to find what you like, click and hope the fabrics are what you’re looking for. Here are some of the differences I’ve noticed:

  • Fair Trade: This usually refers to locally or regionally sources fibre, and it also refers to the labor. Fair Trade labor is always better because you don’t have to worry about sweatshops, under payment or child labor. Fair Trade is awesome 🙂
  • Sustainable: This can represent a multitude. But the main meaning behind it is that either the fabrics, production methods or business are done in such a way to drastically reduce waste, pollution and over-use of resources. For example: I have found several companies which use recycled bottles, recycled polyester or recycled cotton and cashmere to make their clothing items. Some of them are really cool too 🙂 This drastically reduces waste as the fabric contents are recycled, so no new production there (apart from the recycling process, of course). Also, another example, is companies who do not make the item until it is ordered, in order to reduce the waste of over-production. Sustainable is good 🙂
  • Eco: Eco is kind of ‘all-encompassing’. It can mean using recycled material, fair trade, organics, or not using the harsh chemical component to some of their textiles. Eco is good, but can be confusing.
  • Organic: No pesticides used on the crops (including silk, because the silk worms can eat natural – non chemical filled – whatever silk worms eat. Leaves?) which go into your natural fabrics. If it’s organic, it’s natural. This is great, and might explain why organic cotton feels so much fluffier than regular cotton. (I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure out why that is…)
  • Natural fibers: Yeah, Ba-by – Now you have my full attention! Linen, silk, cotton, hemp, soy, mohair, rabbit hair (I actually found a place that combs and shears their own rabbits to make rabbit hair products – with no harm to the bunnies!), bamboo, leather, wool, cashmere. Love this. When I find a place with great natural fiber clothing – as a general product line, not a diamond floating in a sea of acrylic sweaters – I will be a customer for life.

What I’m proposing is this: Since I’m already on a constant search for natural fiber, eco friendly and sustainable clothing anyway on my own time, what if I just share the experience with you? Let you know when I find a company I like and what their specialization’s are, or share when I find an outfit or two that I totally fall in love with. Or rant when I get totally feed-up and frustrated with the search. What do you think?

Since it is our time that I am taking, I would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback. Would you be interested in continuing the search with me for highly fashionable, natural fiber, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing?

Thanks for reading and taking part! I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Fashion Fix: Rachel Zoe

I must admit that I initially thought that some of Rachel Zoe’s line was a little – eccentric – when it first hit the stores. Sequined knit winter hats, gloves and the like didn’t exactly seem like something I could use in -30 temps. I wasn’t exactly sure who this new celebrity stylist was that seemed to be taking the world by storm, and our T.V.’s as well.


Rachel Zoe, designer & celebrity stylist

Then one day it happened… I was in the States and happened to find myself in Saks Fifth Ave department store. They were having an incredible sale (which is why I was in there to begin with) and I was perusing the racks to see what caught my eye. There it was, a lamb leather and woven linen mini skirt. Gorgeous, and just my size! Now, I must explain, I have a deep dislike for man made fabrics. I much prefer naturals, silks, linens, leathers, cottons, hemps, wool and the like because it just feels so much better on my skin and because man made fabrics, although extremely easy to care for, make me hot and feel itchy and uncomfortable. So you can imagine my joy when I realized this skirt was my favourite fabrics, pretty and a perfect fit! Also, the % off sale cinched the deal! So, I bought it, of course! (pictured)

Now, I’m a reformed Zoe doubter. Not only do I accept her line, but I search out her items. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the perfect thing because price and material… Her line runs an average of $200 – $900 per item. (Not including accessories, thank God!). So people have to really be sure that what they get is what they want because they’ll be wearing for the foreseeable future.

Here are some of the looks from Rachel Zoe’s 2016 ready to wear as seen in Vogue.


Sometimes you can snag a really exciting deal, so I’ve taken the liberty, after searching a few reliable places to leave the links to some really affordable Rachel Zoe items that are on my lust list below:
Rachel Zoe Women’s Helen Dress, Black, 4


Rachel Zoe Women’s Viv Dress Sandal, Gold, 8.5 M US


Rachel Zoe Women’s Baker Funnel Neck Poncho, Black with Ivory, M/L


What do you think? Love it or hate it? Thanks for reading and I wish you a very fashionable day!


Kapow! Meggings!


Kapow-meggings-bengal-ronny-reagan-actionWe have to talk about a new trend in menswear that’s actually pretty cool! In a world where menswear shops are full of the mild and conventional muted and neutral colors – with the same basic cuts (you know what I’m talking about) it is a breath of fresh air to see some variety for mens clothing with color on it! These are a conversation starter, for certain. I can say for certain that the people will be coming up to you asking about your meggings!

Now, apparently the appearance of the bright and colorful made for men, meggings, has made quite the stir on social media. These seem to be a love it or hate it type of situation. Personally, I think these are REALLY COOL! Albeit, I can fully understand why this apparel seems to be quite controversial.  At first consideration, I was a bit skeptical too. However, when I took the time to check out the patterns, colours and most importantly – the way they are actually made, I found that several things set these apart from the assumed gym pant. Although these would be PERFECT gym pants. But I think they would be good for other places and activities as well. KAPOW!

  • Patterns and colours. The array of patterns makes these suitable for more than the workout. Take the below photos for example (Taken from the Kapow site). These sets would even be suitable for the club or music festival.Kapow-24Carat-meggings-hero2Kapow-Mr-Bonejangles-meggings-sideMIlky-way-meggings-front-1


  • The fit. These are supposed to be incredibly comfortable. Like never want to take them off -kind of comfy. They stretch with your body and still leave things to the imagination (see next bullet point). The sizes range from a 28-38 inch (71.12 cm- 96.5 cm) waist and there is a lot of give on top of that. They are said to be very forgiving for different body shapes, as the material is adaptable to many forms. Also, for my guys who never skimp on leg day, these leggings stretch to fit your body comfortably. So if you have larger legs than the normal guy, these should still fit nicely. I know, I asked. They would be great for yoga, running, anything really that requires movement when you don’t want to let that shorts leg hang down or hike up too much! And I think these patterns would be groovy 🙂


(Just a little note: These above are my faves. ‘Supernova’)

  • Make. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where it gets good. You remember that bicycle shorts craze where everyones …assets were on display? Well, if you look back through the photos I’ve posted, you will see that that is not the case here. These are tailor made with extra width around the waist, so everything just sort of blends in with the waistline. As a woman, I think this is fantastic! I don’t think any of us really like it when, um…when the family jewels are standing out from the crowd. Thank you to this company for making sure to say ‘buh-bye’ to unsightly bulge!
  • Price. Totally reasonable at 24.99GBP, 29.82€ or $33.24 (based on todays conversion rates)
  • International orders are welcome and I’ve got a great code for SHIPPING on orders of two or more pairs. Orders are made through the Kapow Meggings website. (I have linked it for you). Just make sure to input the code’ LEBFREESHIPPING ‘ so you can get your free shipping! (Seriously, free shipping is HUGE) This code is only valid through the end of October.

If you’re down for the social media hunt, you can find their Facebook page here, and their instagram here. I know, I’ve been stalking to make sure these really are as popular as they seem to be. They are 😉


If you’re the kind of man who wears the clothes and doesn’t let your clothes wear you; confident, fun, happy…I say GO FOR IT! WORK IT! I know my fiancé might have a colorful surprise for his birthday…

What do you think, would you wear these? Love it or hate it? Or do you have some? (I’d love to hear your thoughts!)


*disclaimer: I did not receive payment or product in exchange for my opinion. I did however, receive a limited time free shipping code to pass on to my subscribers 🙂

Some of my favourite looks from the 2016 runways

Summer is upon us! With summer, comes a whole new look, attitude and of course…high fashion! And don’t we all love a sneak peak at what’s available to us…whether or not we actually need that ballgown? Of course we do!

For me, this year on the runways has really been all about the dress. After the cold season is behind us and I’ve had to wear pants for the better part of 6 months,  want to show some leg! Plus, in my opinion, you have to have a certain kind of tall lanky figure to really work pants (in the runway sense). Dresses, well, they’re pretty and add a bit of elegance and put-togetherness to any look for day or night.

Here are a few of my fashion cravings from the 2016 runways:


This first look is from Filippa K’s winter 2016 collection. If you live in a climate where you must dress for both summer and fall in the same day, this look is perfect! I’m all about leather skirts (and yes, mine is hanging in my closet). They are perfect with a black or brown flimsy silky top for day with either a navy over sweater or black boyfriend cashmere in the evenings.


This Dior Fall 2016 number is to-die-for! When I hit my goal weight, this is on my reward list 😉

These Lovechild 1979 looks are spot-on for a foray in the sun or Champagne and hors d’oeuvres with the girls whilst in the city. And it looks so light and silky, I just want to slip into them and lounge…

Monique Lhuillier S:S 2016

This Monique L’huillier dress is THE ONE! If you’re anything like me, and prefer a few items that you look stunning in, as apposed to a closet full of ‘meh’, then this is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. I could easily live in this dress all summer long!

Reem Acra S:S 2016

Reem Acra nailed evening elegance with this look for the Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk. This is a dress that is so simple in its elegance, yet defined in the detail and wearable to just about EVERYTHING.

Houghton bride

This Houghton Bride S/S 2016 dress is adorable! Perfectly suited for a 20 something with a great pair of legs, this light and airy dress is summer ready for some great outdoor functions!

And now for two lust-worthy evening looks which are niche perfect for the glam goddess in you:

alberta ferretti

Alberta Ferretti, how have we ever lived without you! This dress is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!


Marchesa gets it so right, every single time! The entire Marchesa collection is AWESOME this year, you should check it out. I singled out this dress though because of its versatility. Airy and a little bit boho mixed with classic sophistication make this ensemble a winning combination.

….And what runway show is complete without a couture bridal display? None. Here we go, my top bridal picks for 2016:

pnina tornai 2016 runway collection

Mermaids have been living at the top of the bridal fashion charts for awhile now, and we can see why- here. This Pnina Tornai mermaid low-cut bridal dress for her 2016 runway show is a show-stopper. With loads of luxury fabric, sparkles, classic neckline cut and a bit of touching, this gown would be the ‘it gown’ for any fashion forward bride.


THIS… I have to say that this is the one for me. (Too bad, there’s not a real wedding in the foreseeable future) This gorgeous  Pronovias 2016 gown is an absolute stunner in its classic simplicity. No sparkle, no ruffle, just pure luxury in a classic, 50’s hollywood, European cut. The lines flow perfectly and its reminiscent of classic Chanel. This wedding gown makes me want to purr…

Love to hear some of your faves from this year!

Thanks for reading

-Mliae 🙂


Friday Find: Marks and Spencer trousers and A-line jacket

This weeks Friday Find Challenge from A dark world inside is a good one! I was so excited to find this outfit pairing at Marks & Spencer, and on sale too!

The skinny leg trench trousers (which are red, not the pink that it looks like in the photo) fit perfectly and cut at the ankle. They were initially one half of a set (other half, unknown) which is why, I assume that they were 70% off at a 50% off sale. I paired this with an A-line jacket in Navy blue with black leather panels, which was also marked down 50%.  Ka-ching! Thank you, Marks and Spencer! As a top, I’ve added in my Peck & Peck red cashmere turtleneck sweater. I love cashmere…can’t get enough of the stuff!

This will be my #ootd for many days, I think. As for accessories, I wear them with my previously mentioned purchase of Clarks ankle boot wedges, A balmuir 100% cashmere beige hat and Navy scarf. For a pop of colour, I’m using my canary yellow Brahmin clutch. I love this bag. I’ve had it for several years now and it magically remains in perfect condition. Worth every cent!

What are your favourite finds?

Thanks for reading!


The new additions to my winter capsule wardrobe

These leather lined burgundy wedge ankle boots made by  Clark’s shoes   are awesome! I purchased them from Halonen recently and I absolutely adore them. This is the first feature of my new weekly finds blogging event feature in conjunction with adarkworldinside.

Fashionable shoes are always a bonus to any wardrobe, even though sometimes it can be a bit difficult to navigate because everyone seems to have an opinion on the type of heel. In or out? Some designers will say that any shoes with platforms are unfashionable now because women should be walking like ballerinas in skyscraper stilettos (Yes, I agree) and not pounding down flat footed in chunky heels. I can see the point easily, as in Northern Europe, the whole 70’s platform is coming back and some women walk like truck drivers in those things. Ironically, chunky heels seem to be making a design comeback as well. However, wedges are a different thing entirely, if you ask me.

Take these ankle boots. If you look at the photo, you can see that the wedge is streamlined…thin at the heel and follows the line of the shoe daintily. Also, there’s a comfort factor where the wearer does not have to feel every little bump in the road and teeter over it accordingly. These shoes are sturdier than that. Which for me, makes them perfect. Because I can use these on the ice, and while prancing along cobblestone streets without the impending fear of hitting a cobblestone the wrong way and breaking my ankle on the way down. Sold!

This particular pair is perfect for my winter capsule wardrobe (which is basically my autumn capsule wardrobe only including my Tory Burch sweater and Burberry cashmere slacks in neutral beige). Since these are a deep burgundy wine colour, they really go with everything in my wardrobe. For those of you who have not read my capsule wardrobe posts which you can find here, this season’s capsule wardrobe colours are mainly neutral beige’s and golds, dark blue’s, skinny jeans, eggshell and burgundy. For autumn, I used a knee high light beige suede knee boot with a thicker 5 inch heel. Sadly, those are unsuitable for icy weather. So these new boots are my fashion go-to and I’m so happy I bought them!

What are your favorite winter fashion shoes?

Thanks for reading!


What to look forward to…

Hello peeps 🙂

I’ll try to keep this brief, since I know that time is valuable. It’s because of that, that I am writing this post. Since we only have one life (Which makes time far more valuable than money, in my opinion) I thought it might be beneficial to map out what kind of posts you can expect from me & what experiments I’m facing over the next several months. This way, you can decide if it is worth your time to read and follow, if there is something specific that you are looking for.

  • The weightloss/diet/fitness journey continues. Unless a major breakthrough occurs at some point, this will be updated on a once weekly basis until I reach my goal weight.
  • Covering the never ending quest for beauty: Facials, cosmetics, new beauty products & reviews, creams, oils, treatments & peels, nutrition, etc. These will be posted once I’ve had time to notice results. Or on the day-of facials.
  • Fashion and decor: Photos, stores, links, prices and opinions
  • Health and wellness: Home remedies, massage and I will begin the cellulite cupping treatments. (I’m so excited!) These will be posted on a same-day or day-after basis, continuing through each treatment to follow progress.
  • Home renovation. Yes, you heard me…DIY! This should be the most entertaining of all of it…especially since yours truly can barely wield a hammer. I purchased an old farmhouse this summer and well…lets just say that I can clearly see that in the next 10 years or so, this place will have had all but the bones replaced, repaired, redecorated, rerouted or modified in some other way. These posts will be sporadic at best, but will follow my progress here.
  • Recipes: OK, so I’m not the best cook…especially when I’m traveling. But occasionally, I do happen to stumble upon some super easy, seriously yummy stuff. When I do, I’ll post it…promise! Forever on the lookout 😉
  • Travel, travel, travel! I travel frequently and will be posting more about my travels in multi-part updates. At the moment, I’m kind of here, there and everywhere so you can expect updates from some of the places I’ve been going with things to do/see, and then future updates containing additional information, places, people, prices, and fun stuff when I just have a chance to get it all together, back up my research (I want you to have the same great experiences I do!) and make sure that my tourist brain doesn’t take over.

That’s what you can expect. I only post when I actually have something to say, so you don’t have to worry about your email inbox flooding over with one-liners. All of my experiences are real and from my own life, so they will not be found anywhere else on the web (except perhaps my instagram: my_life_is_an_experiment ).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!