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Random Factoids 07.02.2019

‘For every child born in Wales since April 2014, the Welsh Government have donated a fruit tree to Ugandan families, to celebrate the birth or adoption of every child.’ Does […]

Getting to Know You 22.01.2019

If you could get in a plane/train/bus and go anywhere in the world, today. Where would you go? I think I would run to someplace peaceful & warm. It’s so […]

Quirky Quotes 07.01.2019

“The team that makes the most mistakes, usually wins.” -Piggy Lambert *Photo credit: Appalachian LeadershipAcademy

Holiday Funnies

It’s Christmas day. What better than to start the day off with laughter and cheer? So, I hit google search and posted the holiday funnies that made me smile. Enjoy! […]

Amazon, WTF?! #weird

Good day 🙂 I hope you are all well! Most of us have a habit of scrolling through the internet when we get a bit bored. My weakness is online […]

Quirky Quotes 22.12.2016

“Christopher throws dandelion head after dandelion head into his bag. It’s getting heavy now and his fingers are stained from the work but there are so many left to kill. […]

Bejeweled Blitz Challenge update

Greetings earthlings 🙂 As many of you know, I challenged myself to see how many coins (starting from as near to zero as I could get without earning  more coins […]

Quirky Quotes 22.11.2016

” There’s a gift in your lap and it’s beautifully wrapped and it’s not your birthday. You feel wonderful, you feel like somebody knows you’re alive, you feel fear because […]

One Year Bolder

Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating one year older, one year bolder…and one year more Fabulous! 😀 I got to enjoy this gorgeous passionfruit cheesecake. It’s delicious! It was perfectly beautiful […]

3 Day Quote Challenge

I accepted this challenge from Chape Personal Trainer  A very interesting, helpful and forgiving site. (I hope you’ll go check them out). The Challenge seems simple enough, so I hope […]

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