Bejeweled Blitz Challenge update

Greetings earthlings 🙂

As many of you know, I challenged myself to see how many coins (starting from as near to zero as I could get without earning  more coins by playing) I could get on Bejeweled Blitz by only using the daily free spin(s), the new treasure chest button (coins or a gem free every 8 hours), playing the free daily challenge & only actually playing the gem if you win it from the daily challenge & coins from playing the ads.

I did not play any regular games. Only if I had won special gems, then I played those.


150,000 happened really fast. And then, on the daily spin, I won 100,000! This has happened twice since.


I’ve discovered, that if you wait to watch the ads until after you take your daily spin, a pop-up will come up after you’ve spun once, to watch an ad and get another free spin. OK, that works! Cool 🙂


A couple days in and I was starting to be surprised how fast I was accruing coins by NOT playing the regular game.


I hit 1,000,000 surprisingly fast. Really. I was actually shocked.


Still going pretty quick, but the rate at which I was gathering coins started to slow.  However, there have been at least 2 daily challenges where I could play for the gem more than once. However, with a goal score like this, I couldn’t win it. No way.


Can’t believe it! I guess it felt like so long before this challenge, because I would sometimes spend my coins for special gems. When not making any purchases, this number popped up waaayyy faster than I expected.


Once I hit 2,000,000 – The rate at which I was accruing coins slowed drastically. I attribute this to the fact that this is a smart game. It has to be. The scores I needed to hit in order to win the daily challenges increased by 250,000 – 500,000. Whereas I was winning these challenges on a regular basis, I am now losing more than winning. Good thing though is that if you don’t watch all your ads first, a pop-up will appear after your first challenge attempt that will you give another free try after watching an ad. I like this 🙂



 So, all in all this challenge is going pretty well! It’s fun, and because I’m not allowing myself to play the regular game at all – in order to see how many free coins I can get, I don’t have to worry about getting hooked in to playing this game on repeat for a long time.

Do you play Bejeweled?


Bejeweld Blitz, all coins gone

OK, so I played away all my 6 million and something coins. Down to 1,250. That was as low as I could go without making more coins. There wasn’t any boost or anything I could buy.

A few things I learned whilst playing away all my coins:

  • The boosts that seem to do the most good are the extra time, the one that explodes all the special gems, and the one that gives you your #2 gem right away
  • When you play the special gems and the click a gem reward comes up at the end, the grand prize will never come around if you continue to click the same gem location (i.e.; I clicked the middle one on the bottom row each and every time). EXCEPT with the apple gem, I got that whopping 10,000 coin grand prize 3 times. But that’s it – while spending the entire 6 mil on special gem play. So my theory is correct, it is a smart-game that predicts whats happening.
  • It seems to me, that many of the boards on the special gems are identical. So, if you happen to find a series that works for you and gives you a good score one game, remember what you did because chances are very good it will be the same either the next game, or several after.

Now it’s time to start from scratch. Let’s see how this goes 😉


A Bejeweled Blitz Experiment

Hi everyone 🙂

Please allow me to start off by stating that I am not a gamer. I play Bejeweled Blitz when I’m like- waiting in a reception hall or bored to tears. I don’t play online or compete against friends. It’s just a thing. Recently, I’ve noticed that they have introduced all sorts of ways to get coins and new jewels to play with, in addition to the daily challenges, and so I just got so curious that I’ve decided to do a little experiment.


As you can see, I had accrued 6,780,950 coins. But my curiosity is this: With all of the extra ways to get coins and gems, how long would it take from zero, and how many coins could I get by just playing the daily challenge, using free spins, watching ads, and using the free mystery box – while only playing the free gems that I had won – without playing extra games or purchasing boosts or additional coins. So this is what I’m out to prove. (And hopefully figure out some other stuff on the way). I’m sure that PopCap Games has a lucky gamer who actually receives a paycheck for these things, but I had to see for myself.

This is the most absurd thing to do, but…curiosity killed the cat, I guess. So, I’ll be playing away all of my 6 million+ coins until I reach zero, and then starting from there with only the freebies and not spending any coins along the way. I will check in with updates periodically and we’ll see where this takes us. I mean…what the hell, its just a game, right?

Any bets on how this goes?