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February Declutter: Update

Hello all 🙂 I just wanted to share a quick update on how my February declutter is going. Things are progressing quite nicely. Although I must confess that it seems so odd that I really can’t yet notice the difference that I was hoping to see. Except the bookshelf. My bookshelf makes me smile now!  I have a few theories on why this is. … Read More February Declutter: Update


January Declutter Challenge Is Complete! Shall We Continue It?

Good day, my peoples! Firstly, the *feature photo is NOT of my home. This was a pic I sourced from Pixabay. (although at times, I have felt that this is my life)* January is over and my January declutter challenge is past its conclusion date. This declutter challenge really got me motivated. I would actually like to continue the challenge on a month-by-month basis. … Read More January Declutter Challenge Is Complete! Shall We Continue It?


January Declutter Challenge

Hello all 🙂 First off, no, this is not my home. I sourced the feature photo via Pixabay. However, sometimes this is how it feels when you’re drowning in clutter. (Or when you initially combine households or add flatmates) We’ve ALL been there! As I mentioned in my Happy New Year post, I have set forth a 31 day challenge for those who wish … Read More January Declutter Challenge

Happy New Year 2019!

Today is the first page of a 365 page book. Write it well, live it well! As so many of us seem to make unrealistic goals for ourselves during the New Year, I would like for all of us to think in manageable steps, as opposed to grande schemes this year. As I, personally, have been trying to manage the clutter in my life … Read More Happy New Year 2019!


Product Review: Ozeri Serafino Hand Blown Glasses

  Hello there 🙂 I purchased these glasses last month and I love them so much that I really wanted to write a review for them. Why? Well because I hate clutter and I know that you do too!  I always try to make good purchasing decisions and deciding to buy these was a very good decision. Whenever I buy a product, I try … Read More Product Review: Ozeri Serafino Hand Blown Glasses


Reader Write-In!

I am so excited. I mean, really. You know when you have those moments where you wonder if anyone actually reads your blog…or cares? Well, maybe you don’t. But I definitely do.  Anyway, I was having one of those moments when I checked my email and Da-dah-da! – email from one of my readers whom I just adore. This lady has been very active … Read More Reader Write-In!


EXTREME Lifestyle Experiment…Can I Do It?

Greetings all and thanks for stopping by! Today I’ve got a big one for you… We just returned from our trip to the States, and it was so much fun! But now its down to business and I would like to discuss with you something I’ve been thinking about doing. I’d really like your input as to whether or not you think I have … Read More EXTREME Lifestyle Experiment…Can I Do It?


A Few Words About the ‘Haul’ Trend

Aaaahhh, the haul trend. This has been going on for too long now. Sephora Haul, Topshop Haul, H&M Haul…. We’ve all heard it, seen it, thought about it. But I have to ask. I mean…WHY? Some of these hauls are the size of my entire working wardrobe. Now, I understand only if you have found yourself in a larger size and have nothing but … Read More A Few Words About the ‘Haul’ Trend


The Diderot Effect

Hello there 🙂 I’ve recently been having a bit of trouble controlling my impulses. As most of you well know, I’ve been going the minimalist route. A loose version of the colorful capsule wardrobe; AKA: I don’t have a lot of money, so I have very few quality pieces that currently fit. I received a few new items for my birthday several months ago. … Read More The Diderot Effect

Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge #2 – Items & I’m So Mad!

I’m so mad, I’m so mad, I’m so mad!!! OK, basically I’m mad at myself. I’m super frustrated & I don’t know what to do. I’ve been working on post #2 for my Minimalist wardrobe challenge. And although I really didn’t have that much to begin with, it was taking me forever to categorize & photograph my clothes to share with you. (Mainly because … Read More Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge #2 – Items & I’m So Mad!


My Almost Minimalist Closet Just Got More Minimal

Remember me writing about my sort-of minimalist closet challenge? Well, my already quite small wardrobe has just gotten a bit smaller. I’ve been working on categorizing what I do have, so I can show you everything. But today, I lost my jeans. 1 pair of skinny jeans I have that I live in, and now they are shredded beyond repair. *Sniff sniff Here’s what … Read More My Almost Minimalist Closet Just Got More Minimal


The Minimalist Closet: An Intro

Hello there 🙂 This is my closet. You’ve seen this pic a few times, especially after I decided to keep only my natural fibre or sustainable clothing options. I’ve decided to start a new experiment series regarding the minimalist wardrobe. I browse the internet… A LOT. I’ve noticed that minimalism and the capsule wardrobe have garnered a ton of attention as the new trend. … Read More The Minimalist Closet: An Intro

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