Getting To Know You 07.03.2019

Quite often, people say that you make a decision about a person based on the first 60 seconds of meeting them. So, my question for today is: What is it about a person that you notice when firstly meeting them that makes you either interested or disinterested in being around that person?

My answer: If the other person is interested in the meeting. That would be a determining factor. If that person is noticeably only interested in themselves, or bored/annoyed by my presence, then I want away very quickly.

What’s your answer?


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A Question For My Readers – Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

As you have probably seen, I decided to include some affiliate marketing here. I, of course, wanted to sign on with the companies and products that I myself admire. Sustainable fashion/home, luxury items, contemporary furniture, travel and software. Through this process, I have also tried to only offer those things which may be of interest to you, my readers. ย I am aware, of course, that most any kind of advertisement goes unnoticed, or worse, makes people adverse to visiting ‘your’ site. But this also includes my being able to offer specialized promo codes. (Which is always nice to be able to share a special discount. I love special discounts!)

You are a very diverse group of people, and so I feel that instead of trying to guess about it, I should really just ask YOU. That’s what we do here…no?

Please, take the time to answer so I can stop being strange about this.

What would you prefer to see OR prefer to NOT see? (as per accessibility/promo codes):

  1. Travel (airfare, sight seeing, hotel…)
  2. Sustainable Goods
  3. Luxury Goods
  4. Luxury Resale (consignment)
  5. Software
  6. Gifts
  7. Handcrafted goods
  8. Beauty
  9. Home goods
  10. Helpful services
  11. Any combination of these which interests you (please state which)

This way, I am able to focus on only those things and I can remove myself from the remaining programmes to save everyone some time and frustration.

I would also like to ask you; How important are duties and shipping to you?

Please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.

Thank you for reading (& hopefully answering) this!


Getting to Know You 29.01.2019


I read an interesting blog post about 1 week ago (which, of course, I am unable to find so I can link to it now…) which was talking about the insecurity that particular blogger had. ‘Will you like this?’ ‘ Do I suck?’ ‘ Will anyone read this?’ and I had to comment. I comment that, well, we all suck! Hah. That I think that our real-ness is what makes blogs so popular. When we are reading a blog vs. any kind of marketing material, we all feel a bit at ease because we know (in most cases) that there is a real person behind it. A real person with real emotions, experiences, needs… Not a team of marketing professionals that are blending together the ideal persona for their particular branding needs.

This blog post, really made me think. There are basic needs that every one of us has. We all need to be loved. We all need to survive. We all need to feel like our lives are worthwhile. And I think that we, as publishers, all need to feel appreciated for putting ourselves out there!

So my question for today is: Do you have these same needs and insecurities?

I know I do!


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Getting to know you 15.02.2018: Cheating on tests?


When you were in school, did you ever cheat on a test?

Oh please, share your methods…I can’t wait to hear these stories!

My answer: Tried and failed. Those were the days when your only option was an arm full of ink written information. Oh how stupid we were to think nobody noticed!


Getting to know you 15.09.2017: A million in money


If you inherited or won 1 million (in whatever your country’s currency is), what would you do with it?

My answer: Pay off and fix-up my place! Upgrade to a newer auto, take a small holiday, invest a bit for the kids in the familyย – then save the rest in an interest bearing account (if there is any).


Getting to know you 15.07.2017:Why Blog?


We all blog for different reasons. What made you take the step to start blogging? Why do you blog?

My answer: Everyone kept telling me I should write a book about my life’s adventures. I thought to myself, why do that when I can share them in real time? Plus, I always google reviews on products I’m about to purchase, which is frustrating because so many are top 12 lists or really don’t say anything about the users actual experience. So, I thought it time-worthy to share my experiences in hopes of helping another frustrated consumer like myself.


Getting to know you 15.06.2017: Fashion


Why is it that even horrible fashion eras like the 80’s, keep repeating themselves in modern day trends? I mean, the whole Victorian era – gothic repeat, I totally get that. But I don’t understand, when those of us who managed to survive the 80’s nearly unscathed are still among the living to bear witness to the shoulder pad – hairspray nightmare, how this possibly continues to rear its head in modern day fashion.

You know what they say: ‘If you lived through a fashion trend once, you can’t rock it the second time around.’

What do you think? What fashions make you cringe?


Getting to know you 15.04.2017: Selective Telepathy?


If you could read minds, whose would you want to read?

This one will be lots of fun, can’t wait to ‘hear’ your thoughts!

My answer: My fiance’s – then I could stop asking him ‘Whatcha thinking?’ all the time. (Although this would most likely be a horrible idea)


Getting to Know You 02.03.2017: Blogging Turn-Off’s


What are some of your biggest blogging turn-off’s that make you hit that un-follow button?

My answer: Blogs that still sport WP templates (i.e.; ‘This is where your feature post is displayed’) on their pages is the biggest. Having to search difficult to navigate home pages in order to find recent posts is another turn-off.

What about you? What are biggest turn-off’s?


Getting to know you 15.12.2016: Why do we lie when a mid-slumber call comes through?


I have discovered that I share one little lying problem with most of humanity. Ever notice that when someone calls and you are dead asleep, that when they ask ‘Did I wake you? Were you sleeping?’ – you ALWAYS answer ‘No, of course not!’ in your highest-toned most hyperactive voice?

Whhhhhyyyyy is that?! Seriously, what harm would it do to admit that you were mid-way to coma when the call came in?

Something to think about…. Let me know if you know of any good reason why everyone does this. Do you do this?