A Bit of Everything

Hello all 🙂

I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I usually do. There is so much happening in the world, that I feel quite the narcissist thinking that anyone would be interested in what I’m reading, or my thoughts on products. Especially since companies seem to be falling into bankruptcy at such an astonishing rate that it is difficult to even keep up with what companies are relevant from day to day.  I do hope that the small businesses are able to maintain through these difficult months. Or, as it seems to be – difficult year.

I have been around, I just don’t know what to say, really, without seeming like I’m living in my own little delusional bubble where nothing is happening. Hah. I think maybe I am not alone in this feeling.

I have been seeing news about these mystery seeds. Can anyone tell me, have the agricultural organisations in any of the countries which are receiving these – have they found what these are or any information about those?

I have been continuing with my challenge to myself to try to eat only locally sourced or own grown food. I made a few mistakes, such as beginning in June – when nothing, from anywhere was growing yet – not even in grow houses. So the month of June didn’t happen with the challenge. More on that later.

Wishes for you all, that you are doing well!