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Tag: Rant


This month, I set a challenge for myself to do a bit of a clean-out. Magazines (leafs) are being found in crazy numbers here. This seems to be difficult for […]

When you just….can’t.

What to do when a bad day gets shitty, and then a shitty day gets even shittier? Stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away, of course! […]

What’s with all the Turkey Posts today?

Good morning, all! As I was scrolling through my email, instagram and followed blogs this morning, I began noticing a common theme: Turkeys. Turkeys?!? Why? Did I miss something or […]

The Miss’s mishaps

This crown, worth $300 000 has been the topic of many a news story today. We’ve all heard it…Twitter, instagram, Facebook, the news; Full of The Major mistake in the […]

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