Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Maeve Binchy’s ‘Nights of Rain And Stars’

Greetings all 🙂

Good wishes for a lovely week’s end! I promised I would relaunch the RBRC and share my 1st book post on the 15th. As today is 15th day, I am here, as promised.

This month, my challenge book was ‘Nights of rain and stars’ by Maeve Binchy. As you can see by the image, this book has had some use before I found it for sale on the old books shelf.

This was a good book. The author clearly put much effort into characterisation. The characters, their personalities, trivialities were carefully considered. As this book is based on the characters interactions with each other, starting in a time of crisis, the personality clashes and reactions seemed very realistic. This personification is what kept me reading.


With seventeen chapters, this book was readable within the month. Somedays I was able to read a few chapters, other days I read none.  In my mind, this book would be a good read while on holiday. Maybe not if one is planning to embark on a tour by boat, though. It is not something I would save to read more than once, but the one time, it is good. This is a book for reading and sharing.

Would you like to join the Recycled Book Reading Challenge, or RBRC? The guidelines are simple, you can find those here!

I would like to thank Dr Tanya at Salted Caramel for getting the RBRC party started!

How was your RBRC book?


Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Re (Re) Launch!

Greetings to all 🙂

I wanted to re-launch (or, actually re-re-launch) the Recycled Book Reading Challenge! This was quite a popular challenge for the 2 x 12 months I ran it.  I was reminded by a friend in the blogosphere that given the current conditions in the world, it could be a good time to run this challenge again.

The rules are simple:

  • Blow the dust away from a book you’ve had sitting on the shelf for some time, waiting for that ‘perfect moment’ to read it.
  • Read it!
  • Share about it! On the 15th of every month I will write a post about my chosen book.
    • If you have a blog or webpage, post about the book and leave the link in the comment section of the post (so I can link to you in a follow-up post).
    • If you do not have a webpage for sharing, leave a comment in the comment section about your book and if you liked it – so that others can use your review to make future reading decisions!

It really is quite simple, is free, and will take away some of the guilt for not reading those long maintained books in your home.

Joining me is Dr Tanya from Salted Caramel blog, and you have her to thank for getting this challenge re-launched.  I hope you do join us!