The Wedding Photos are Here!!

I’ve been waiting until we got all the photos from people (and the photographers) to start posting about the wedding. Unfortunately, it has taken forever. Well, not too big of a surprise actually, considering international postal times.

Anyway, they are here! WOOOHOOO!! So keep an eye out because in the next day or 2, I will be posting all about the wedding and everything! I have also decided to post some vendor reviews because some were really awesome, some average and 1 who I feel should be put in jail.

Next post is all pics of the ceremony and reception + loads of details. It was lovely! We had a great time, the ceremony was all original and just for us! The spot was gorgeous and everything just fell perfectly into place.

Big Happy Hugs


Upcoming Experiments & Series on Lifexperiment Blog

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

This is one of those occasional posts to discuss future posts. I know it seems kind of weird maybe. However, it is your valuable time that you spend reading here, and my valuable time writing – so I like to make sure that my experiments are something we would all like to spend our time exploring.

That said, here are some of the new experiments & bi-monthyl/monthly blog series I would like do here on Lifexperiment Blog.

  • Getting to know you! I’ve made so many golden friendships here and I love meeting new people and getting to know better the friends I already have! So I was thinking that we could do a once monthly discussion on – say – one question. I will post my answer in the post, so you can get to know me too 🙂
  • Quirky Quotes 😀 I love fun, weird, somewhat strange & sometimes inspiring quotes. I was thinking that I could share some of these, maybe, say… bi-monthly?
  • Sustainable fashion. I posted about this earlier and I have put a lot of time and research into it and I think that sharing my findings on this when I am able would be great fun and spread the word a bit.

As for the experiments I have been blogging about all along: wedding, home reno, garden, the hunt for the perfect beauty products, travel, food, books, fashion, product reviews and my occasional blab about whatever has me cross-eyed that day – these will all still continue. And the Recycled Book Reading Challenge on the first of every month…of course! 😉

Any thoughts on the matter?