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Sustainability, supporting small businesses as well as social enterprises are an important aspect of Lifexperiment Blogs’ ethos. You will not find 5€ polyester dresses on this site.

The blog services I currently offer for products are reviews and give aways for my readers. Services are a quite broad range so it is better to just contact and discuss the possibilities that way. If I am particularly enamoured with a product or service, there is a possibility of inclusion in additional posts – independent of the agreed upon sponsored content.

Below are some of the types of products/services I work with:

Travel             Handcrafted Items       Sustainable Businesses     House & Home               Gifts            Clothing & Accessories       Seasonal Items        Food & Beverage         Floral                Computer Software            Kitchen                              Luxury                   Garden             Remodel & Reno                 Outdoor                Safety/Necessary

Any sponsored content, either paid or complimented products/services, published on this blog will include a disclaimer. Lifexperiment Blog reserves the right to decline to review a product or run a sponsored post if it does not fit well with the content and ethos of this site. Any reviews written by Lifexperiment Blog will be written fairly and honestly, and no promises of a positive rating or conclusion will be granted.

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