Online Quote of The Day

While spending some time online today and reading quite many unusual comments, I found this in a random comment section. Apparently, it has been found in a variety of places online so I do not know who the original author of this is. But I will share it here anonymously and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

This is my life right now. Actually I’ve been talking about this with the microwave and toaster while drinking my morning coffee and we all agreed that things are getting bad. I didn’t mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on everything. Certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant. In the end, the iron straightened me out as she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing. The vacuum was very unsympathetic, however and told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and hoped it would soon blow over. The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything, but the door knob told me to get a grip. The front door said l was unhinged and so the curtains told me to, yes, you guessed it, pull myself together!!!’


Conversations with housewares


What To Do Now…

Use the nice table items

Fancy yourself up

Smell the flowers

Take the walk


Let your friends know you care

Open the champagne

Make the time

Wear the stylish clothes hiding in your wardrobe

Dance to the music

Make the special meal

Tell your family you love them

Eat the sweets

Accept the image in the mirror

Do the things

Now is the time to drop the weight of all the expectations, the anger and the trivial. To leave it behind and be the person you are. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. For us, or for others. Be your ideal self  – Today.

Carpe Diem


Install Update….Maybe Later? No.

When you finally install the update on your phone, after many months of ignoring it, and see all the messages you’ve missed.  Ah, ok. Now I understand why I thought my friends weren’t speaking to me.  I’ll make myself look like a crazy person trying to reply to those messages now :/

Social fail Friday,


15 Personality Types That Emerge in Crises

I have noticed that emergency situations magnify peoples personalities. Usually this observation has been for a smaller groups, as this is the first time a crisis of this size has affected the entire world all at the same time, in many years.

This list is how I see personalities emerging in the current crisis. I wanted to have fun with this because really, laughter is what we have and it is important.

I am not any kind of trained professional in mind or behaviour matters. This list is only from my experience and watching how people are handling the current crises differently. It has been very interesting to watch these!

These are the 15 personality types that emerge in crises:

1. The Informer

The Informer, seeks to inform. The informer will email everyone to inform about the newest happenings, news headlines and government restrictions. While the informer may wish only to share information to others who may not be aware, their excited information sharing can be perceived as a bit panicky or judge-y.

2. The Gossip

The Gossip has always been a gossip of some kind. Although those who spend time with the gossip may not be aware that this is the thing. The gossip is usually quite successful at positioning themselves as the necessary contact between people, usually by creating the image that they are the very close friend, coworker or family member & the person to go to with questions.  This is challenging in daily life. In an emergency, the gossip can be quite dangerous as gossiping (and its friend: vindictiveness) is utilised as an activity to push away the stress. The gossip may not realise themselves the damage that they cause by keeping people from the friends/family/community that is needed for support in crisis. This is a waste because often, people do recognise someone who only wants information, and usually the gossip is the one person who truly does not know the information which they desire.

3. The Worrier

The worrier is a lovely person that truly only wishes for all to be well. One can usually identify the worrier by the lack of hard surfaces or sharp edges in their homes. The worrier always has supplies for emergency in their bag and occasionally a look of forever concern on their faces. If you have a worrier of your own, I have found that both red wine and dark chocolate are good to offer to your worrier. Both have health benefits and will help your worrier to focus on something else.

4. The Normaliser  

The Normaliser, can also be called the denier (is that spelled right?). The Normaliser is a sneaky type because you only see these personality happenings in an emergency or crisis situation. The Normaliser wishes only for things to be as they usually are. Frequently, the normaliser is quite harmless and actually quite relaxing to spend time with because the normalisers make much effort to keep things as easy and comfortable as is just possible. The normaliser is the person who will create a tasty meal with what food can be found and display to others happily as if that were the plan from the beginning! It is when the normaliser finds themselves in heavy denial that situations go complicated and they turn to the denier.

5. The Bouncing Ball

The Bouncing Ball is uncomfortable to sit in silence and watch their shoes. Bouncing balls are usually highly social, happy people that have not before been in a situation where they need to just stop and ‘be’. The Bouncing Ball is recognisable by their desperate tries to make contact, to find a reason to get away from their homes – any reason will work. In their necessity to escape, the bouncing ball seems to forget the importance of keeping away from others.

6. The One Who Panics

Every social group has one person who panics. The One Who Panics always has the focus, probably because others are trying to calm their nerves. The One Who Panics is usually identifiable by their constant use of CAPITALS and !!! in texts or emails. The one who panics likes to share news stories as well, like the informer. The main difference being that the informer is sharing information. The one who panics is using the information to support their theory.

7. The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist is, in my mind, one of the more interesting personality types on this list.  The Conspiracy Theorist is very sneaky. You may not have known the conspiracy theorist was such, before the crisis occurred. Once the crisis happens, such as the one we are experiencing now with Corona, the conspiracy theorist will entertain you for many hours. There are levels to Conspiracy Theorists. Most conspiracy theorists are every day people who just have certain ideas and maybe some extra food. Then there are the extreme conspiracy theorists who we’ve watched from television.

8. The Leader

The Leader understands the current emergency/crisis situation perfectly. In any emergency, a leader personality type will make themselves known. The Leader is calm, decisive, diplomatic and well prepared. The Leader does not push themselves forward but rather quietly watches others while waiting for them to stop being foolish and see the leader for the value they are. Leader personality types (in crises) are not so common, though necessary.

9. The Introvert  

The Introvert is not bothered by the current social quarantine. Although horrified by the situation of pandemic, the introvert does feel a small feeling of relief that they are doing the correct thing and that for a time at least, others won’t think them odd. The introverts lifestyle is the social normal for everyone now and the introvert does not understand why people, such as The Bouncing Ball, cannot just be in the place.

10. The Rebel

The Rebel always asks ‘why’. The Rebel will not accept government regulations without pushing back against those. In the current crisis, the rebel is the personality type who refuses to keep isolated and makes a big noise that others should be the same.

11. The Practical One

The Practical One is the person who keeps calm, logical and that is always updating ‘the plan’. The Practical One will disagree with the One Who Panics on every level. The Practical One does not seem to talk so much, but instead spends more time with their own thoughts. The Practical One is also quite comfortable keeping away from others.

12. The Angry Bird

The Angry Bird, not to be mixed with The Rebel, also makes big noise. The Angry Bird is just angry though. Angry, not because of some line that had been crossed, but because they just are. A much planned dinner was cancelled, they got a bad hairstyle or because its Wednesday – The Angry Bird is angry for reasons we don’t understand and will share that with loud voice to everyone that can hear.

13. The Bucket-Lister

The Bucket-Lister is the most fun personality type on this list. If you are wishing for a memorable quarantine time, this is how that happens. Although the bucket-lister may not be able to do much of the travel or social tasks on their bucket list, there are certain to be some odd and highly socially unacceptable items on that last. The bucket-lister will at least once, have the thought that people are hiding behind the curtains of their homes & this will be the perfect time for making that list happen!

14. The Opportunist

The Opportunist is the one personality type that will see an opportunity for self-advancement in the crisis. This phenomenon traditionally displays itself in large format, such as business but is also with the individual. The Opportunist is a ‘big picture’ personality type that has the unique talent to remove themselves (in their mind) from the crisis and to recognise behaviour patterns which display the coming needs or weaknesses which the opportunist will be able to meet with the proper thought and planning. Some of the most profitable businesses in the world have begun with a person of this personality type.

15. The Zen Master

The Zen Master is a rare personality type to find in crises. The Zen Master personality type is only identifiable in crisis situations, as this is when the zen happens. The Zen Master keeps calm, listens to others, thinks to themselves, is practical and almost always comes away from a crisis having improved themselves. The Zen Master is the person who will take the opportunity to learn new languages from the people panicking around them. The Zen Master will learn from the situation, while mentally keeping themselves away from the noise.

Which personality type are you?


Yummy Home-made Food For Doggies — LeennasCreativeBox

Leenna, from Leenna’s creative box, heard my complaining about not being able to find the proper dog food in the food shops and she published a solution to the problem! If you are looking for ideas on making your own food for dogs, this is the post for reading!

I immediately thought of my favourite doggies’ favourite food cooked by their human mums. So, I contacted their mums and got their tried and tested recipes to share with you over this confusing time for doggies (and their human parents).

via Yummy Home-made Food For Doggies — LeennasCreativeBox

My Dirty Secret: Cleaning Motivation

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day of work, travel, play, sleep and mundane tasks. It’s that occasional moment when I look around and see all the things I’ve yet to do that makes me roll my eyes and want to climb back under the blankets and hide.

When I can find a space to sit alone for about an hour, I’ll sometimes search youtube for an episode of hoarders. I think the entire world recognizes this show by now (which in and of itself is kind of weird …the things that garner attention!) and it is absolutely horrifying.

Watching this show makes me want to vomit in my gym shoes. Seriously. I don’t understand HOW people can allow themselves and their homes to get in such horrendous shape! This really is people choosing things, trash – over those they love. However, I am absolutely addicted to watching it. It’s like a train wreck: You know you shouldn’t look, and instead should assist, but…it’s just that odd that you can’t help but stare in earth shattering fear and amazement.

Even better (or worse for my youtube hoarders addiction), every time an episode completes (sometimes halfway through), I start cleaning.  CLEANING my home. The super kind of cleaning and ready to toss out just everything. This is quite a big happening usually, and now with a heavy fear of any kind of bacteria, the neurosis goes soooo much worse.

So this is my dirty secret. Hoarders is my biggest motivation for a seasonal cleaning. If you’re anything like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Check it out if you have the stomach for it and watch your floors sparkle.

Whats your dirty secret?


Just Talking Here….

Today’s post is about nothing, and everything – particularly. Really, I’m just bla bla bla bla here.

Things are odd… I never could have imagined that I would ever find myself in a situation, such as our current one with the virus and government restrictions, high unemployment, fear, worry and empty shelves at the food shops. Yet, I am unable to so much decide if this is more zombie-movie, or more Netflix and chill. Speaking the truth, we are being asked only to sit on our sofa’s and stay away from others. In most other circumstances, one would be happy to answer that request. I do understand the anxiety of the situation, of course. This is scary. Terrifying, when one contemplates the possibilities of those family and friends that are also at risk and beyond our individual control entirely. It seems so surreal at times and I think that is why many people are not taking this seriously.  So here we have the zombie movie.

I wanted to break the all virus all the time news cycle and have a virtual quarantine party here. I was informed later that the post visibility was having some tech issues (thank you). I have it posted again and you can join the page here.

I find myself discussing Covid19 more than I would like, but I think it is because of the heavy effect it is having on our lives. I apologise for that, I do understand that it can be quite annoying.

Before I get you bored with my rambles, I want to thank you. I have seen, and read and heard about so many people helping others. Helping others and keeping distance, I should say 😉  I have found myself quite disturbed by the selfishness in this time which we are living. So many people do not seem to understand that anyone other than themselves exists or has any feelings about anything. This THANK YOU goes to all of the people who have let your neighbours know you care, who have done the food shopping for someone else, who have contacted those at risk and offered help, and for those who understand that we need to be respectful and helpful to others. Thank you!

Yesterday my husband visited the food shop(s) for buying dog food. I can’t believe it…. No dog food! We have a very large dog, like a small cow, and he eats MUCH! We aren’t looking for buying some small cans of food, we need the biggest bags of food we can find. So I think you can guess my reaction when the man did not return with the dog food. And then I have to wonder that who buys all those size packages? Certainly doggie will be eating quite nicely for whole next year. But what about my dog? Well, I guess we are sharing food for awhile. Which isn’t so nice because he really doesn’t like to share, and he gets so angry when I eat out of his food bowl. Hahaha! (Stoopid joke)  But yes, there was no big packages of dog food anywhere in several food shops. I had a ‘eureka’ moment though when I realised that I can, actually order some foodstuffs from amazon. It’s just that can find international shipping.

I have been thinking much about just everything. Today I remembered about all the challenges I have put for myself to learn to cook, and to be more sustainable in many ways. Do you remember the ‘extreme lifestyle experiment’ I did? Where I really tried to eat only what I could source locally or from countryside farms or area small businesses which make food or home product on-site and not utilising manufacturing or the items having to travel some distance to find themselves on the food shop cabinets? I did not last so long on that experiment. It was difficult and expensive! Today I realised that when the warmer months arrive, if these government  actions continue with the goal of keeping people separated for the health, that we are in that kind of situation that seems I will be repeating that experiment this year as well. I hope I am able to be better with it than I was last time!

I was also looking for easy recipes with few ingredients. I found 2 for some kind of cakes, but not needing eggs, butter or milk. How is this possible? I would like to try those, although I am not so certain that will it even taste good – as one recipe had a lovely photo, but is made with vinegar????  – no words –   Has anyone here tried those types of recipes? Is it eatable?

These are the things in my mind while staring at my shoes. What are you thinking about while staring at yours?


Save 10% on Natural Soap

Quarantine Party! Too Much Stress, Let’s Have Some Fun!

Covid19 is causing misery for the entire planet.  People are having heavy stress, economies are going badly, a large % of the global population is in quarantine of some kind or the other.  Too much thinking the destruction is hard for the brain. Enough.

Today, I myself lost my employment for the duration of this disease. Although I have been thinking that it would be nice to have another networking party, because it has been so long.  After my personal experience of ‘temporary’ job loss and being so worried about my family that I spent long hours crying today, I decide to say ‘fuck it’. Lets have a party! I want something happy to be a result of this, so lets make that happen!


The rules are simple. There’s only 1: INTERACT & be respectful!  (ok, maybe its 2?)

I don’t expect you to share this post (although if you want to, just click the WP or press this button for sharing). I want only that you rid yourself of stress also. We are here to send the stress away and make some friends!


I am opening the comment section. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about you! You do not need to be a blogger to leave a link. The economy is shit at the moment. If you have a site for business or personal, you are welcome to share the link to it in the comments section. If not, thats ok too! Tell us about yourself. Have a conversation! Share your stress. Please take the time to meet others here as well!


So, I must ask: Who is bringing what? Snacks? Skumpa? Music?


Join the party and we see soon!

And while you’re in the mood, share some biscuits!


WHO Declares Coronavirus a Global Pandemic

In a live conference, which you may yet be able to view at this time, the World Health Organisation just officially declared COVID19 a global pandemic.

So what does this actually mean?  How I understand it, labelling anything a pandemic, means that it is unconfined, spreading and it is not too crazy to expect that it will worsen before it improves.

From my limited research, I was able to learn several things which should happen now.

  • Governments and people should begin taking this virus seriously (if they are not already). To summarise the director of WHO – The alarm bell is ringing. Loud and clear
  • Finances reserved for pandemic situations should be released to aid the global fight of this virus
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems will begin to be better prepared for a large influx of patients
  • Cancellation of large gatherings and school closures in certain circumstances will probably continue
  • Many people will spend more time at home with their recent wc paper purchases (????)  Can anyone explain this to me?

This declaration does not mean that one should panic. Please do not. I am quite certain that the concern about the possibility of panic is why the word ‘pandemic’ is kept as a very serious word, indeed.

My own recommendation is to also avoid looking for material regarding coronavirus on youtube. There is good information there, of course. There are also quite many vloggers who seem happy to create fear and panic, all only to sell their items. There are a few I have found that seem to my mind to have some kind of mental illness that makes them only want to make fear for their viewers, and that twist the truth so severely that it no longer based in any form of fact.  The World Health Organisation pages can be accessed by clicking here. Much information is also available on your country-specific health organisation pages.

So, this is the thing.


Oi! Google Translate!

Languages. So many. And with each, their own hidden contexts. Those silent letters, or words where just one small misspeak and things suddenly turn to have very different meanings.

Where do we go with something as complicated (and possibly offensive) as language? Google. Of course.

I often must work across several languages. The more I work in these, the more certain I become that I do not understand anything. I rely on google translate services quite much, if not for full understanding, at the least to provide me with basic concept.  Be aware friends, google will leave you looking a fool.  Too frequently, I find myself looking silly, in a professional capacity. I am not the only one though. I know this!

So to share a smile across all those faces who have left themselves feeling quite stupid, and for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here is google translates airline safety instructions!


Hahaha… Enjoy!


Random Factoids 27.02.2020

With only 28 days, February is the shortest month in the year. Unless it is ‘leap year’. Leap year happens only every fourth year, and in the leap year, February has 29 days. This year, 2020, is a leap year and February does have 29 days.

For a moment, I was certain my calendar had a misprint. Hah.


Random Factoids 20.02.2020

Does this day, 20.02.2020, make anyone else’s brain get mixed by looking at it, or is it me only?

‘In the study of numerology, the scientific notation of the number 2 is: 2×10 to the power of 0. ‘

– Numbermatics.

If this is the case, it seems to my amateur mind that this would be the day 20 and palindrome 02 for the month, and then year 2020.  If you are a mathematics mind and know anything about this, help us to understand!




Snickers Protein Bars? Don’t Do It.

I don’t believe it. The candy industry has successfully made its place in the diet foods market. Is it really possible?

Marketing at its best, my friends. A group of very creative minds are clinking their glasses of champagne at the moment, congratulating themselves on frauding us all.

I like candy. I am a fan of snickers chocolate. Which is why this post is even being written. When I went food shopping, and visited the diet foods area as I always do, I noticed that both snickers and mars now have a most visible placement for their new protein bars. I’m quite certain I even said in a voice where others could here ‘Reeeallllyyy???‘ 😀 😀  and of course I looked at those. But then, I went to my next favourite area: the candy space. I had in one hand a snickers protein bar costing €2 and in the other, a tasty snickers chocolate bar costing a bit over €0,50. Time for a comparison shop.

This is what I learned:

Let’s stop drooling for the moment and instead think.‘ A snickers bar, which even I can purchase for 25% of the price of this ‘protein bar’, has almost 9 grams of protein. Peanuts. Peanuts have protein. Logical thought tells us that one would need only add more peanut or peanut product to the bar to be able to honestly advertise 18 g of protein. And then magically, your candy addiction has turned into a healthy snack.

So let’s do a simple comparison

Snickers protein bar:


Snickers chocolate bar:


8,6 g protein in the sweet chocolate bar. 18 g in the protein bar.  The internet tells me that peanut butter itself has 25 g of protein in 100g of peanut butter. In this case, logic says that adding a bit of peanut butter has made this unhealthy snack, a diet food.

My recommendation: Add a peanut butter topping to your snickers chocolate bar and tell everyone you are now on a high protein diet.

We have now solved the mystery of bad tasting diet food. Hah!






The Best: Poppamies Smoky Reaper Hot Sauce!

I had to save, what I consider as the best from the package, to share as my first review of 2020! To be both loved and feared, it is HOT!


*Having fun with photo editing 😉

This vegan chilisauce, which ranks on 10+/10 on the hotness scale, is a must-have for any hot sauce fanatic! As you know, I am a fan of Poppamies products. This Smoky Reaper hot sauce has established its place in our family.

My husband and I find ourselves, adding few drops of this on most of our meals. It has a lingering burn factor to it, so a few drops goes a looooonnnnggg way! It does add just the right amount of extra oof to our meals, so we really do put it on basically everything. Except of course, those foods which have already determined their own favourite poppamies products. Example; Green apple slices with brie and blackberry sauce!

Be warned that this chilisauce gets even hotter when its heated. So if you add this to food that’s being cooked, keep that in mind before pouring into the pan. This will bring the tears to the eyes, and the sweat to the face!

In my mind, this hot sauce is worth the purchase. Many other hot sauces in the shops can be a bit of a disappointment. Especially if the only taste added to food is that of vinegar. Which is why I really like this company. I have not seen, not one of their products, that is thinned down with the vinegar. These sauces are thick, full of taste, some are full of HOT and delicious. Well worth it!

Poppamies products can currently be purchased from sellers located in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and online here.

Hot! Hot!


WHO Declares Coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern

I was just now scrolling scrolling scrolling mindlessly on the internet and saw an alert for a live broadcast of the WHO press conference. Of course I watched it.

I know that many of you here have been asking the same questions I have, so I wanted to share with you that they did declare it a global health emergency now. The director of WHO stated very clearly his appreciation for the immediate mobilisation that the government of China put in practice, and also said that the WHO does not advise travel or trade restrictions.

I am unsure how these recommendations work though, as many countries have already introduced travel restrictions exactly.  I am also uncertain what happens now that this declaration has been made. I would think that it would make available resources globally, which would not be available otherwise. And also that it would create an environment of international cooperation, communication and support. Please understand though that I know nothing about these processes and procedures, and this is only my small understanding of the situation.

I do not want to be the blogger that profits from panic and news. That is not what this is about. I do know that the world is watching this outbreak very closely, and as the situation is changing rapidly, I wanted to share this info as the info that I find important to know myself.

I am also reaching out to you with this post, because I would like to know what will change with this declaration. As I said, I know nothing of these things but many of my friends and readers here can hopefully share some knowledge.

If you know about these processes, or what it actually means to declare a global health emergency, please let us know!



My instinct is to question: Is this seriously happening? This is almost too big of a potential for bad to think.

The quarantine of tens of millions of peoples is not something that happens. This is scary!

I continue to read the press, look at the social media for the few items that are posted from the quarantine areas to lessen the anxiety. But the information is so conflicting that it is quite impossible to have any kind of comfort that ‘ok, this is the information’. And so, we wait.

I am confused about this. The reaction, the quarantine of tens of millions, seems unequal to the numbers that are being published. (Currently: 2000 infected & 56 dead) This is why I have been uncertain as to what is truthfully happening. As I believe many of you are also.

I read that the time before symptoms show is 2 weeks, but in that time, the virus is still contagious. In my mind, this is the most dangerous bit because there could be many people unaware that they are ill, who would otherwise take proper precaution not to infect others.  What is a person to do if they do not themselves know?

More and more confirmed cases are being published in countries around the world. Are we looking at the next global pandemic? I can’t even think it.

I feel so sad for those who have been quarantined. This must be terrifying!

To all of my readers and friends here, especially those worried about yourselves or those you love, please know that you are not alone. The world is watching. While there is exactly nothing that can be said to make this any less a nightmare, we are here, in the only way we are able, and we are worried. Strength to you and your cherished ones.



Marriage: Cross-Species Communication and Saving Face

I sometimes wonder how people that have been married for so long, example 50 years, are able to communicate almost telepathically with each others. Do you think they laugh at ‘new’ couples, when they hear us having very different conversation with each others in the café? I think that definitely they do. They should!

Fun happening this week. I’m talking to a friend and my husband about an idea and we’re all excited about it. The next day, I’m talking to my husband again about it. Or, I thought I was. Amazingly, I must have been speaking in some sort of alien language, because he could not understand anything I was saying. The whole concept was strange. I repeated myself and the man just looked at me. Seriously??! It was at that moment that I realised ‘home hearing’ is real. (Or, I have a speaking problem.) If I could guess his thoughts by the look on his face, he was thinking ‘What’s thats sound? Some kind of buzzing…. its getting louder. Where is it coming from? Why is my wife angry looking? Maybe she hears it also…’

It was then, I stopped explaining and tried to save face with our friend. So easy to just say ‘we are having a married moment, will get back to you about the idea’. Did I? No. Of course not. I sent instead a incoherent, rambling message which probably made them wonder if I had been drinking. Great. That’s so much better.

I know that I am not the only person who makes themselves look stupid when its not necessary. I also know that the first years of marriage are a time of big changes. Well, that and just loudly saying ‘what’ from other rooms. What I want to know is, when does the long-term, telepathic communication happen? I’m excited about the time when I can mumble some wrong words for something and my husband understands exactly what I am saying.  When does this happen?

Anyone familiar about this happening?


The WordPress Whitescreen and Updates

I have been trying to write a new post for few days now.  But every time I log into the WordPress pages, Ive been greeted with a blank screen. So frustrating!

This seems to be a common problem. My biggest frustration is that although there are many articles online about the problem and what it could be, as I could not access my site, I was unable to do anything.

I have been trying to write to you, my readers, about my previous experiment. I was going to take a week learning about new happenings in IT. This was before some family things happened, and I took a small pause. I was going to look into the IT and share with you what I learned. When I began looking into things, it was a bit too much for me. With all of the AI and the social ranking systems, newer and newer systems – making the current systems seem quite ancient (and I don’t even understand those!). It was too much. I left the IT information search for something more fitting…. Gardening.

I like gardening. Or the fantasy of it, at least. I understand now that I am a amateur. I am a seed in soil and hope it grows person. Which sets me in the category of ‘dangerously stupid’ gardener.  I have read about mono crops, polyculture, food forests, planting zones  (proving my stupidity), hardiness levels and even…planting in the snow (sounds crazy)?? The thing I learned is that I have no wisdom about what I am doing.

Thank you for reading!


Happy New Year, 2020!

Today is the day. The first empty page of a 365 page book. How will you write it?

I always like the New Years Day. It is a day that seems so full of hope for the future. One of the days when people feel as they can leave the old, and begin again with the new. And also, the first day of many diets! Haha.

I am hopeful to leave some of my bad habits in 2019.

What is your New Years promise for 2020?


To Like or Not To Like, The Like Button is The Question!

I have been thinking much about the possibility of removing the like button on my WordPress blog posts. There are good things and bad things that could go with removing it. Since I share everything with you, my readers, I wanted to ask your opinion on this. I know it is quite a trivial question and I do feel a bit silly. However, this site is for you. I know sometimes when I visit webpages, there are certain things that I find quite annoying, which make me not want to revisit the site. And of course, I do not wish to get that response here.

The Good:

I sometimes get the feeling that often people will just hit the like button on their readers, without ever actually reading the content. It seems that there exists a mentality similar to the Instagram game here, where people will like a post and expect a return like on their content.  As I do make an effort to visit blogs, I only ‘like’ posts which I actually enjoyed reading. I do not just go clicking away on others’ sites.  This tit-for-tat game is frustrating and time consuming for me. So, not having the like button takes this game playing away.  As I will still have the comments section open, I will be able to of course engage in good discussion with you, as I do enjoy that!

I don’t focus so much on numbers. But I do notice them sometimes. And because only people on WordPress are able to leave a like, but none of my readers from other sites or email, the likes do not really give an accurate accounting. So there’s that…

The Bad:

I know that I will wonder if anyone is reading my posts. And if you liked it, or hated it. Silence on the internet is anxiety inducing.

The Scary:

If the like button is removed, I will discover if my content is actually quite horrible. I do fear that if I remove the like button, that somehow I will find myself here writing….for myself. And that is….worrisome.

What do you think?




I have been absent and I do apologise. There has been an illness in my family, and most of my focus has been on that.  I am still blogging. And although its been a bit over 1 week, I do want to share with you about why I have not been so active on the blog.

It’s surprising, when anxiety invades even the simplest of thoughts and makes completing tasks quite the challenge.  I have been with my own thinkings and 2 weeks has gone by without much notice to the time.

Have a lovely weeks’ end


What I Learned This Week: Week 1, November

This is my week 1 update of the new experiment I set for myself to use the internet for learning in these 4 weeks. No online shopping, no wasting time on the pc to just be. I said that I would learn the things. To try to learn the things from a good source.


I learned that 650 million years ago, glaciers existed on the equator.


I learned that Mayflies live for 5 minutes, and the oldest living land animal is a 183 years tortoise. A sponge has been recorded as living 11 000 years, a clam 405 years, and a bowhead whale at over 200 years! Found on the National Geographic website.

I learned that people have interesting ideas of what animal evolution will show us in the future. BBC.

As for animals of the past, I’ve been reading much about dinosaurs. Caught in the vortex, as it were. So much information, and most of it being very complicated scientific wordings to tell us what we already know. I was surprised to read this article from National Geographicwhich reads in a much easier to understand wording, that birds are dinosaurs. 🙂

I also learned how to make a cold weather shelter in the woods. Speaking the truth, I did not learn this. I would not be able to do this myself. I did watch it though. And that made me feel that I knew something.

Want to know what other I learned? I learned that when I shut the pc, my things needing done list, gets smaller! I spent more of my time doing and less of my time sitting. Day 1 I did quite a bit of walking in circles, like a cat with hot porridge. After that though, it felt really good to not feel that I must be always looking something on the pc. I think this was the most important that I learned the whole week!

Next week, advances in IT.


Poppamies Vegan Horseradish Mayonnaise

This was an interesting product. I’ll begin by saying that these were gifted, with no expectation of social sharing, but as I am a fan of this company’s products (and I always share my honest thoughts with you here), I want to review all the products!

Today I want to share with you my thoughts about the Poppamies vegan horseradish mayonnaise. It’s quite thick, as you can see. But not so thick as other mayonnaise products. I tasted a bit from the bottle. It tastes quite heavily of horseradish, so it’s good that its that type of food product that don’t need much.

I wasn’t so certain how to best try this product. It recommends trying with sushi on the front, but when I really thought about it I thought maybe this would be best tasted with écrevisse salad on a baguette. It was so good! I was surprised because the horseradish taste, when mixed with food, was not so heavy. It was quite light actually, and is actually that good that my husband has been eating it on chicken and salad.

I would recommend this product. Currently we are using on breads and salads. I would like to try it with some chips and maybe with sushi.

Poppamies products can currently be purchased from sellers located in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Surprisingly good!

Looking ideas. What food would you use this with?


New Experiment Starting Now!

This month, for the next 30 days, I will be using the internet for what we should have been using it for before Facebook, online shopping and internet porn took the majority of usage for most people. I will be learning.

We have the knowledge of the earth accessible to us, and we don’t access it. How many hours do we spend online … doing nothing? With all of this information available, I feel quite stupid. So maybe I should take a moment and just learn somethings.

I will be posting a weekly post, every week for the next 4 (5?) and sharing what I have learned from the internet that week. For the time at least, I will look for the information to all be in English language that I can share those links and information here with you.

Where to begin…History? Nature? Sciences?


Spontaneous Product Review: Poppamies Blackberry Hot Sauce

I really like this Poppamies Blackberry hot sauce.  It is for sure one of my favourites! It has a hotness rating of 3/10. Usually this means that there isn’t really a hotness to it, but not in this circumstance. This sweet sauce does have a burn to it. Which will play with your mind a bit because it tastes like a smoky, chipotle version of a dark berry syrup (I guess that’s what it is exactly!), and then…..a burn starts in the back of your mouth and you really didn’t expect that.


The way I use this sauce,  I think this is quite tasty with warmed brie on sliced apples. I have been eating so much of this last 2 weeks! The tastes really compliment each other! This sauce could also work nicely on a summer salad and could even be tasty on dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.

The consistency is what I would say medium-thickness. Quite much like a syrup.


I would recommend this product to hot sauce professionals and also to those who like some spice but on a milder spectrum. Plus, all of us sugar mice out there 😉 I think you will love it!

So nom!


*No affiliate links, products were gifted as explained here.


Happy Thoughts For A Difficult Day?

It’s been a stressful week (is it in reality only Wednesday???!) but today has been a very difficult day. There were tears. A potion of high-stress happenings all packaged into one little beautiful cake, I think.  I don’t wish to complain. I just wanted to ask, does anyone have some happy or funny thoughts to share? Smiling always helps!



Getting To Know You 05.11.2019

What is relaxing for you?

My answer:  Watching the views. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than having a coffee and looking the natural views wherever I just am.

And you?